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Why Did Zachary Fowler Divorce His Ex-Wife, Jami Fowler?

Dinesh Shrestha


The winner of season 3 of History Channel’s survival show Alone, Zachary Fowler, and his ex-wife, Jami Fowler, had an interesting start to their love story. It was her delicious cooking skill that made him fall in love with her instantly.

Furthermore, Jami already had a daughter from a previous relationship. The couple also has a daughter together.

But why did the couple get divorced? What might be the reason?

Zach Was Not the Only Person Who Survived ‘Alone’

The story began when Zachary left his wife and went to Patagonia for the show. That time was terrible and hard, and it changed her forever.

Jami had to face a tough situation as he left her for the 87 Days Alone show. Her brother died in a car accident at the same time.

That moment was the first when she experienced the death of a loved one. Jami was alone in Appleton, Maine, along with her two children under the age of 5, a handful of goats, pigs, and rabbits.

She was navigating grief and despair without any help at all. Jami had friends checking in on her for the first couple of weeks after her brother was taken off life support.

But she was honestly circling depression, and the only thing that kept her tethered to reality were her children.

While he was surviving in the show, she was questioning everything in her life that led her to be in that time and place.

Jami felt more alone than she had ever before. The irony of “Alone” was not lost on her.

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Distance Made Them Realize Things Were Not as They Left

After a few weeks, she sold off all of their animals, moved away from the ranch for the summer, and took a flight to Seattle with her girls to spend some time with her other family members.

She had her youngest sister’s wedding to officiate, and they had a family-only memorial to deal with. Despite all that, she hoped things would go back to normal when Zachary came home.

However, when the couple reunited, she didn’t expect they would change so profoundly. She had no notion what had happened in the past three months, and he had no idea either what had happened to her.

Zachary Fowler and his ex-wife Jami Fowler [Photo: YouTube/Fowler’s Makery and Mischief]

They were both different people, but they tried to come back to their marriage as it was when they left each other on the side of the freeway when her car broke down, driving him to the airport.

She needed someone strong to hold their family together so she could finally grieve, but on the other hand, he needed someone strong to mentally bring him out of the woods and nourish his body back to strength, as he was frail after slowly starving for 87 days.

They both needed something from the other that neither of them could provide. This got even more complicated when the TV show aired.

Zachary and Jami’s Love Story Went Downhill After the TV Show Aired

The couple instantly came to the spotlight when the show aired on TV. For Zachary, it was a recognition of his hard work and achievements.

Going to the show was never about him, he had gone to provide a better lifestyle for his family. And the media attention that came with it, Zachary loved it.

The opposite of what he was feeling, Zachary’s spouse disliked being in the spotlight. Jami didn’t want to be in newspapers, YouTube, Hulu, or cable TV.

Jami did not prefer to be in the spotlight. [Photo: Instagram]

Unfortunately, that was exactly where she found herself, at the center of his attention. “I did my best. I tried,” she said.

While she wanted him to succeed, she didn’t want to be involved in the medic circus.

Jami already had found her strength living alone in Patagonia and Appleton. And from there, she just went in a different direction with it.

Zachary Fowler and Jami Got Divorced

Unfortunately, Zachary and his then-wife got divorced in May 2018. “We are still friends and co-parents. We talk every day, more or less,” she stated.

The former couple support and cheer each other on and offer advice when it’s requested. She wanted all the best things for Zachary.

Jami also wished for him to find love once more when the time was right. She went on to say that she wasn’t envious of his success and that she wouldn’t be when romance returns to his life.

She added, “I won’t be jealous if my daughters end up with a new stepmom. The world needs more love in it, not less.”

Jami wanted him and their children to have lots of loving people in their lives, cheering them on and guiding them.

“I’m glad he found Jesus again. I’m glad he has a church and community, and fellowship. Like I said, the world can only benefit from more love, not less,” she said.

The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

After years of living a minimalist life, Zachary felt lonely along the way. So, when he was in Vermont, he decided to put Ad on Craigslist, which said, “Woodsy woman wanted. Pictureless applicants need not apply thank you very much.”

Among the people who responded to the ad, Fowler discovered a beautiful woman named Jami. She told him that she loved being outdoors, could start a fire, kill and cook a chicken, and knit.

At first, Zachary thought his friends were messing up with him, as previously, his friends told him that they read Craigslist all the time. So, he stalked her on Facebook to see if she was real.

And when he found out she was real, he couldn’t believe it. Then he sent her a message saying he was interested.

After that, they started to talk continuously. Then, after spending some time with his family, she drove home from Vermont.

A week later, she had her over, and it was his birthday. So, she killed and cooked a chicken she had there. It was so delicious that she won his heart instantly.

He also met her daughter Abigail when she was only one year old. Abigail’s birthday was a couple of days later. Since then, the then-couple hit it off.

Zachary and His Wife Moved in Together

The pair spent three months of dating and ended up moving in together. They found a yurt that needed to be rebuilt. After reconstructing it, they lived an entire summer there and got married.

Then during the first winter, they attached the camper to it. It was only a 12-foot yurt, and it was the three of them. So, their summer didn’t go well because it was too hot. Hence, they built a rustic bed for her daughter.

Zachary Fowler and his two daughters [Photo: Facebook]

Then, they ended up attaching the camper and figuring the whole system out after and lived there for four years until the Alone show.

The couple’s daughter, Sparrow, was born. Then the four of them lived there for a year until he went out on the show.

Life changed for Zachari and his former wife. But over time, they both moved on in their respective lives.

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Zachary Found His True Love Again

In May 2022, Zachary Fowler posted a video with a woman on his Instagram account.

In the video, the couple was eating seafood. A few days later, he shared another photo with a woman but opted out to reveal her face. But one of the comments mentioned that the woman was her girlfriend.

Then, in June 2022, he made a post of a video, captioning, “Beautiful day with my beautiful lady.” A few days later, he mentioned her name to be Sarah in his YouTube video.

Zachary Fowler’s girlfriend Sarah [Photo: YouTube/Fowler’s Makery and Mischief]

Zachary’s girlfriend, Sarah Norwood, is Maine grown artisan specializing in natural decor who also loves painting.

She started making wreaths as a way to earn money at ten years old. Sarah started an Etsy Shop in 2011 called Scarletsmile, and she used to sell wreaths in front of her home.

She opened Red Sky Studio to the public in July and sold her original paintings, sculptures, and wreaths.

Not sure when they started dating, but the couple tied the knot on October 5, 2022. They have been living a happy life with his two daughters and Zachary’s daughter.