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Over a Decade of Love: Aubrey Edwards and Her Husband

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Brittany Aubert, popularly known by the stage name Aubrey Edwards has been with her husband, Steve Chiavelli, for over a decade since they got married in 2010.

She frequently posts pictures of her husband on social media but never tagged or mentioned his name online.

Edwards is one of the most famous referees in All Elite Wrestling. She is also a video game developer.

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Edwards’ Husband Proposed to Her At Video Game Award

As both Edwards and her husband are video game developers, they both attended the Game Developers Choice Awards in March 2007.

On March 2007, Steve Chiavelli and four of his fellow DigiPen students designed Toblo, a multiplayer action game, and won an award for the same at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Rather than accepting and giving a generic speech, Steve pulled out a beautiful ring on the stage and asked the beautiful girl Aubrey Edwards to marry him.

Aubrey Edwards and Her Husband, Steve Chiavelli [Photo: Twitter]

Edwards couldn’t contain her happiness and ran to the stage to kiss her would-be-husband. The couple engaged at the GDC.

Aubrey Edwards and Her Husband Tied the Knot in 2010

Then after three years of engagement, the couple eventually got married on March 2010 in an intimate wedding ceremony.

In March 2021, she posted a picture from their last anniversary and tweeted, “Happy anniversary, dude. 11 years is a long time.”

She was trying to find a recent picture, but all she could find was the one from the previous year’s anniversary dinner.

Edwards also thanked her husband for taking care of the cats when she was in Florida all the time.

Aubrey Edwards weding picture
Aubrey Edwards married Steve Chiavelli in 2010 [Photo: Twitter]

Edward also shared her wedding picture in 2020 and said, “wedding photo from 10 years ago for no other reason than I completely forgot it existed until my timeline reminded me just now, and I like it a lot.”

Before her wedding, she had never watched wrestling. Edwards started watching wrestling with friends a year after getting married and became addicted.

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Becoming the Ringmaster: The Journey of Aubrey Edwards from Fan to Renowned Referee

In 2009 Aubrey Edwards graduated with a BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation. Then she went to Digipen and dove into programming.

As an intern, she helped ship an impressive three Nintendo DS titles as a tools programmer at 5th Cell. Beyond this, she also began to serve as a producer on her sophomore, junior, and senior DigiPen game team projects.

Edwards was also a dancer but continued her game production career. Although, she started a nonprofit dance company that worked with the Boys and Girls Club.

Later her husband, who also graduated from Digipen, began wrestling with an indie league in Seattle called 3-2-1 Battle. Their idea was Edwards would dance, and Steve would wrestle.

Aubrey Edwards refereeing a wrestling match [Photo: Instagram]

The couple both supported each other. Then in 2017, she changed her career path.

It all began when one of the referees, Chris Samuels, at the 3-2-1 Battle said they were looking for more refs. Chris asked her, “Do you want to try it?” and then she said, “Yes.”

Although she had been a wrestling fan for many years and had seen numerous live matches, things didn’t instantly click. She laughed and said, “I sucked.”

Edwards didn’t give up and kept training. Then after two months, she reffed her first match.

Afterward, she was reffing an average of two indie wrestling matches every weekend. Her journey as a referee formed, and people started to recognize her.

As of now, she is one of the most famous referees.