Josh Kiszka’s Revelation about Having a Same-Sex-partner

Prasiddha Gautam

Josh Kiszka has a same-sex partner with whom he has been together for eight years. He revealed his sexuality via an Instagram post.


Jessie Reyez Has Had Partners in the Past

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Ana Gabriel Annoyed with the Gay Questions

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Tracy Chapman | Relationship With Alice Walker And Gay Rumors

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Davey Havok’s Gay Rumors – What’s True, What’s Not?

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Carolina Ross Revealed Her Unfaithful Boyfriend

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Carolina Ross dropped a bombshell when she revealed that her rapper boyfriend was unfaithful. She even put out music based on the breakup.


Tanner Adell Was Adopted as A-Day-Old Infant

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Tanner lives with her parents, who adopted them from her birthplace, Lexington, Kentucky, and then moved to Manhattan Beach, California.


Tiffany Hudson’s Perfect Wedding With Her Husband


Since their graceful and spiritual union, Tiffany and Mait have allowed their followers a peek into their wedding ceremony and marital life as a whole.