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Vince Sant Silenced Gay Rumors

Dinesh Shrestha

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Vince Sant had silenced the people who called him gay.

Back in 2012, his gay rumors were all over the internet when one Twitter replied to his tweet and mentioned him as a gay boy.

It wasn’t clear how the rumor started because the original tweet was later deleted. However, Sant was quick to shut down the netizen with a quick reply.

On April 2012, he took on Twitter and silenced the people who called him gay. Vince replied to the Twitter user and tweeted that read, “I ain’t gay.”

Well, Sant’s orientation is still public knowledge—he has had girlfriends in the past.

Vince Sant And His Girlfriend

Vince Sant and his girlfriend, Ashley Ross, made their relationship official through an Instagram post in July 2017.

The couple has dated for over many years and eventually publicized their relationship. However, they are yet to share the wedding vows.

The glamorous Italian beauty shared a selfie with her boyfriend for the first time and captioned the post, “Me & Mine.”

Ever since Ashley has frequently shared pictures of her beau on social media.

The lovely couple was seen on various vacations and spending quality time together throughout the years.

The lovely pair also went to Brazil in 2018 to celebrate the new year. The girlfriend made a post to commemorate the occasion.

The caption on that post read:

“I hope everyone has an amazing new year filled with love, adventure, growth, and happiness. It’s going to be a great year.”

Ashley Ross made their relationship public in 2017. [Photo: Instagram]

In December 2019, they were off to Sydney, Australia, to celebrate Vince’s birthday. Ross posted numerous pictures and a lovely video of them celebrating his birthday.

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Two years later, in June 2021, the pair was seen on vacation in Mexico, where Vince was seen working at the time, and she captioned the post, “preferred office view.”

Later that same year, she shared a now-deleted birthday post dedicated to her boyfriend. The fitness model revealed they had been celebrating his birthday together for six years in various countries.

Then, she hadn’t posted his pictures nor Vince. While something like that doesn’t bode well for relationships, the couple is yet to put an official word out.

Vince Sant’s Girlfriend Is Fitness Model And Entrepreneur

Ashley Ross is an American social media personality, fitness model, and entrepreneur. She rose her prominence through social media, especially Instagram, by posting her lifestyle, travels, and workout pictures.

However, it wasn’t an easy path for her, and she had to endure years of ups and downs throughout the journey. Her hard work and dedication eventually paid off, and she became successful in fitness and business.

Ashley Ross went to Napa Valley on the Weekend [Photo: Instagram]

Vince Sant Is a Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur

Vince Sant was previously a fitness trainer and later co-founded the company V Shred in 2015. Then, he became the face of one of the world’s fastest-growing online fitness companies.

They work hard to provide their clients with the best food and workout routines. The company also offers online training programs for individuals.

Vince Sant is a renowned model. [Photo: Instagram]

Now, the company has over 12 million unique visits per month, and its products are available in more than 119 countries. He is also the founder of Sculpt Nation, a company that sells clothes and supplements.

Vince Sant Got PRP Injections In Both Patellar Tendons

Vince Sant had been struggling with pretty annoying knee problems since high school.

It all started back in his volleyball days and has continued for decades. In medical terms, this ailment is called patellar tendinopathy or jumpers knee.

Whenever he jumped too much, his patellar tendon became inflamed and very sore.

Initially, he had tried resting and doing physical therapy, which helped him considerably, so he kept doing it.

Much later, he heard about the newer type of therapy called PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Sant also had heard the stories of it working amazingly for some people, and he was managing the expectations.

So, he got PRP injections in his patellar tendons and knee joints, and things seem to be looking better for the fitness coach.