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Is Benny Blanco Gay? Or Is He in a Relationship with Elsie Hewitt?

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Rumors of Benny Blanco being gay started spreading when he uploaded a humorous TikTok with rapper Lil Dicky. The duo appeared together on FX’s Dave, and the fans also found their bromance too much to handle.

In July of 2022, the record producer posted a video on his TikTok, captioning it, “I wish the 12-year-old me could see who I was dating now.”

The video showed an actual picture of him when he was young, followed by a photo of Benny hugging Lil Dicky from behind at the series premiere.

Is Benny Blanco Gay?

Well, Benny Blanco is not gay, and just uploading a photo with your friend while you hug him from behind doesn’t make one homosexual.

Not many know this, but the post was actually an extension of a joke. It started when both of their characters were shown having a good time in the series.

Benny Blanco gay
Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky. (Source: Instagram)

The bond between Lil Dicky and Benny Blanco was so authentic that many people believed they had a thing going on in real life as well.

Besides that, Benny has also made many TikToks, including Lil Dicky showing their compassionate friendship.

Furthermore, it is not the first time that Benny has been close with his colleague. He had posted a photo of Ed Sheeran kissing him after winning an award. Benny’s caption, where he has said ‘I love you,’ proves their bonding.

Just like the above-mentioned instance, many people had a ton of things to say. Some said they were a good couple, whereas some said that they had a good friendship going on.

All in all, not all found the post very pleasing.

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Is Benny Blanco Dating Elsie Hewitt?

Apart from the rumor of the producer being gay, there is also gossip about him dating the gorgeous Elsie Hewitt.

The news of their supposed relationship spread when the alleged pair had a kissing scene in the series Dave. The rumored couple had such an on-screen chemistry many believed that they might be dating in real life too.

The bonding between Elsie and Benny goes way back. According to LiveRampUp, the supposed couple spent their quarantine together.

They, at times, posted quirky photos of one another, making fans wonder about the true nature of their relationship.

Though neither of them has come forward and confirmed that they are or were dating, some fans asked if the duo had broken up in the comments.

Moreover, one of Benny’s tweets fueled the story when he uploaded photos alongside Elsie with a caption, “I have a girlfriend she just goes to another school.”

Benny also used the same caption for a post in 2019. Alongside some pictures of his, he had uploaded a photo of him hugging a girl from the side.

Unfortunately, he didn’t show her face and opted to show her just below the neck. So, could it be that the girl from that post is Elsie Hewitt?

So until and unless Benny himself clears the doubt, there will always be a profound mystery surrounding his relationship and partners. Also, the alleged pair has stopped posting photos of one another on their social media handles.

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Who Is Benny Blanco?

Benny Blanco is a talented record producer from America who has collaborated with many superstars. As aforementioned, he has worked with rapper Lil Dicky and also collaborated with singer Ed Sheeran on his album Divide.

Some of the other artists with whom he has showcased his talents are Rihanna, Major Lazer, Maroon 5, and Katy Perry, among others.

He has also been awarded the iHeartRadio Music Award for Best Lyrics for Love Yourself and the iHeartRadio Music Award for Producer of the Year in 2017.