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Tokyo Vanity’s Pregnancy Rumors With Her Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


The former cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, Tokyo Vanity, was a hot topic when she began her weight loss journey. She was also the talk of the town when she dated Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend, Ferrari.

Besides, some started to believe she adopted the weight loss routine and a healthy diet because she got pregnant.

The rumor began when a video that mentioned Tokyo Vanity being cheated on by her ex-boyfriend and her false pregnancy was uploaded on the Youtube channel Mary Jane TV Creation.

Tokyo Vanity’s Ex-Boyfriend Paid For Her Abortion

As per the information provided in the video, Tokyo Vanity was in a relationship with the rapper Lil Iceberg. The two supposedly dated for three years before parting their ways. However, the reason for their fallout was not revealed by any of them.

Further, in the video, she talked with her ex-boyfriend and revealed how she got pregnant. Lil Iceberg added they had a couple and asked which one Tokyo Vanity was talking about.

Tokyo Vanity then explained the one where he had to pay for the abortion. Moreover, the couple would go to confront each other as it was revealed he had supposedly cheated on her after she moved to another city.

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Tokyo’s Ex-Boyfriend Got Hurt

Apart from her bitter-sweet relationship with Lil Iceberg, Atlanta Black Star claimed Tokyo Vanity was also in a relationship with Tabius Tate.

According to the report, Tabius got hurt when Tokyo Vanity uploaded a video with her new boo Ferrari in 2018. The reality star posted a video on her Instagram, which was captioned, “You know im the man, im the man girl frannnnnn.”

Tokyo Vanity [Photo: Instagram]

As a response, her ex-boyfriend commented with a smiling emoji in the video. Additionally, Tate also wrote, “Look at the way we live… I wasn’t hiding tokyoo from the shaderoom i was hiding the shaderoom from Tokyoo… #karmaofaheartbreaker.”

Tokyo Vanity and Tabius Tate broke up after Tate was spotted having dinner with his ex-boyfriend. Further, to make his relationship with Tokyo worst, the rapper started dating a Jamaican rapper, Spice, as soon as they broke up.

Did Tokyo Vanity Get Back With Her Ex?

Tokyo Vanity stirred up a buzz after she posted a photo that featured her and Tabius Tate, her ex-boyfriend. To her fan’s knowledge, the reality star last dated Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend Ferrari after breaking up with Tate.

The report by Atlanta Black Star claimed she was last seen with Ferrari in June 2018. Moreover, the couple had not shared each other’s pictures or interacted on social media, which raised curiosity among their fans.

Tokyo Vanity [Photo: Instagram]

Regardless, Tokyo’s photo with Tate created widespread rumors and speculations among fans. As per the same report, Tokyo captioned the photo, “I was the baddest [explicit] you had.”

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Fans Were Excited Over Tokyo’s New Boo

Despite experiencing a few turbulent relationships, Tokyo Vanity continued to believe in love as she got into a relationship with her new beau. She revealed her newfound love on social media in March 2019.

Her new boyfriend went by the name Jayy, who was just as affectionate and loving as her. As per her Instagram post, Tokyo indicated that she was happily in love with her boyfriend.

Similarly, Jayy, an aspiring rapper, posted a video of Tokyo and himself expressing his affection for her. The video was captioned, “@tokyoxvanity I love you. I’m more into youu than you are in meeee.”

Her relationship with Jayy was well received by fans as they showered Tokyo with congratulations and well wishes.