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Meet Dave Landau’s Wife, Tammy Landau

Dinesh Shrestha


Despite being a famous and demanding comedian, Dave Landau doesn’t talk openly about his personal matters, including his wife, kids, and other family members.

As a consequence, just like other celebrities, his personal life also became a topic of rumors. Many online sites have reported that his wife’s name is Martin Butler. So, what’s the truth?

Who is Martin Butler?

Martin Butler is also an American stand-up comedian and friend of Dave Landau. It’s still a mystery when the rumor began and how his name joined to be Landau’s wife. However, all out of this, they are good friends.

They also appeared together in a YouTube video in 2014. In the video, he went to an undisclosed location in Lincoln Park, Michigan, in a house that was rumored to be haunted along with Mike Stanley and Martin Butler.

Nevertheless, while the wrong name has massively circulated on the internet, Landau’s real wife is Tammy Landau, with whom he shares one son.

Dave Landau Loving Wife, Tammy Landau

Dave Landau’s wife’s name is Tammy Landau. Although the precise date is not given, the pair appears to be married for a very long period.

Furthermore, Dave and Tammy have been blessed with a son, Wyatt R. Landau. As per her Facebook profile, he plays baseball.

Dave Landau’s son [Photo: Instagram]

Dave’s spouse is a loving wife and supportive mom. She often attends her son’s games. She has shared a few snaps from their kid’s baseball sessions.

Although the couple prefers to keep their love life away from the media, they surely must be enjoying their time together. Hopefully, they will reveal their love story and other details of their married life soon.

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His Wife and Friend Encouraged Him to Try Stand-Up Comedy

Dave Landau joined The Second City Comedy Theater in Detroit in 2002 when he was just 19 years old. At the same time, he also attended film school.

There, he had two classmates, one was his wonderful wife, and the other was his friend Marty. Both of them encouraged him to try stand-up comedy.

They believed that because of his talent, it would be fantastic for him. His childhood closest friend, Jimmy, also believed he should perform stand-up.

Furthermore, he loved stand-up since his childhood. The comedian grew up listening to recordings owned by his dad, like Dangerfield, Carlin, Rickles, and Joan Rivers.

Dave Landau [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, even though he loved stand-up comedy, he never thought that he would do it for a living. However, he eventually gave it a try.

The first time he took the stage was in April 2004 at Ark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Detroit, and since then, he has had a remarkable career as a comedian.

Used to Run Stand-Up Show With His Wife

Dave Landau and his wife used to run an improv/stand-up show at The Village Idiot along with other friends. In an interview with Detroit Comedy Scene, he said,

“I used to run an improv/stand-up show at The Village Idiot with my wife and Ken Kuykendall, Sebastian Oberst, Sam Richardson that would be packed every Sunday.”

Landau thought that back then, people were more supportive than now. From the start, his breakneck pacing and perfect timing made the audience hysteric.

Dave Landau’s wife and son [Photo: Facebook]

As a kid, he was very creative and used to make movies, skits, etc., with his dad’s video camera. He loved to make people laugh.

Later he had a hard time after his dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. To cope with the fact that his dad passed away, he began to consume drugs and alcohol.

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Dave’s Wife Is Supportive

The comedian’s dad passed away even before he started his stand-up comedy. Landau’s dad’s last words to him were about him joining Second City.

In an interview with Recovery Comedy, Landau revealed that his father’s last words were, “I proud of you that you’re following your dreams of making people laugh.”

Likewise, his mom and relatives supported him at that time. Especially his wife has encouraged and supported him a lot. “I think if I chose to do anything positive instead of [expletive] my life up they would’ve been,” he professed.

Dave Landau and his wife Tammy Landau [Photo: Facebook]

Dave is grateful to have a supportive wife who has been with him every step of the way. Their love has managed to stand the test of time even after all these years.