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The Elusive Love Life of Lucy Pinder: Meet Her Boyfriends

Dinesh Shrestha


The British Glamour Model Lucy Pinder was rumored to be dating a few actors in the past. Though she hasn’t confirmed yet who her boyfriend is.

Folks might be shocked, but Lucy and Captain America actor Chris Evans were reported to be dating back in 2015.

Not only him – but at some point, the model was also seen with Vikings star Elijah Rowen.

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Is Chris Evans Lucy Pinder’s Boyfriend?

As per Dailymail, Lucy and Chris’s dating speculations began circulating when the couple was seen enjoying each other company at Disneyland.

The reported couple was spotted together in January 2015 while enjoying a thrilling spin on a Grizzly Rapids ride.

They were at the Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Then the public shipped Chris Evans as her boyfriend.

However, the model’s representative declined to comment on the supposed relationship. Likewise, Evans or his team never responded to it either.

British Glamour Model Lucy Pinder made a headline after spotting the Captain America actor Chris Evans [Photo: Instagram]

The glamour model and the actor may have met in England while filming the installment of the Avengers franchise.

Later, the model seemed to have relocated to Los Angeles as she posted pictures from across the pond to her Instagram account.

Elijah Rowen Enjoys Night Out with Former Page 3 Icon Lucy Pinder

Four years later, she was spotted with Vikings star Elijah Rowen on a night out in London.

The couple cut an unlikely pair as they poured out of the British Photography Awards at 2 am together. Lucy appeared to be having a good time as she staggered out of the event.

She was flirting with the young actor and wrapped her arms around him during a break enjoying a cigarette at the event.

Lucy Pinder and Vikings star Elijah Rowen enjoys a night out in London [Photo: Instagram]

Rowen enjoyed her e-cigarette as she chatted with the Irish star. He seemed to be paying close attention to her.

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Exploring the Early Life of British Glamour Model Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder was born on December 20, 1983, in Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK. She is considered one of the the sexiest women in the glamour world.

The actress skyrocketed her career when she decided to go for topless photo shoots. The decision was the turning point of her career.

Her modeling career paved the way for her television career as well. Many TV shows approached her at that time.

She made her first appearance on the TV series I’m Famous and Frightened. Later she went on to appear on Sky Sports.

In early 2002, Lucy didn’t have any specific ideas about her future. Then pure luck brought her into the modeling industry.

Lucy Pinder posted her childhood picture with her mom and wished happy Mother’s Day [Photo: Instagram]

Once while she was sun bathing on the beaches, she caught the eye of freelance photographer Lee Earle. Then, he asked her if she would pose for him.

She did, and the ensuing photos led to a contract for professional modeling with Daily Star.

Lucy quickly established herself as a highly successful swimsuit model, frequently appearing in risqué and skimpy bikinis.

She was secure in her appearance and at ease with her physique. The model has appeared in a few films and made several TV appearances like Dream Team, Book at Bedtime with Lucy Pinder, and many more.

The 39 years-old British glamour model still hasn’t revealed her boyfriend or talked about her relationship.