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Kira Kosarin’s Love Story: Dating Her Boyfriend Since 2020

Dinesh Shrestha


American actress Kira Kosarin and her boyfriend, Max Chester, have been in a romantic relationship since 2020.

Kosarin, who found her way to fame for her part in the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans, shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend with some friends in July 2020.

However, she didn’t mention him as her boyfriend at that time.

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Kira Made Her Relationship Public with Her Boyfriend in 2020

Initially, she posted a picture with her boyfriend, Max Chester, while walking near Los Angeles along with their two other friends in July 2020.

One month later, she officially made her relationship public by posting a picture of them together.

“One month of loving you,” she captioned at the time. Max is a talented singer, composer, and musician.

Kira Kosarin posted a picture with her boyfriend, Max Chester, while walking near Los Angeles along with their two other friends in July 2020 [Photo: Instagram]

A year later, the couple celebrated their first anniversary as a couple sharing the picture with a lengthy caption.

Kira and Her Boyfriend Celebrated One Year of Togetherness

Sharing the beautiful picture while penning a lengthy caption, the duo expressed their gratitude to each other.

The actress put together a lovely caption for her boyfriend.

“My love, never in this lifetime did I think I’d get to encounter a human like you, let alone be so lucky as to make him my partner in this world,” she gushed.

Kosarin thanked him for sharing life with her, cooking with her, researching everything with her, and treating everyone with more patience.

Her thanks didn’t stop there. Further continuing, she thanked him for turning grocery runs into magical dates, always reassuring her with compassion and affirmation when her brain was being mean to her.

Kira Kosarin and her boyfriend Max Chester, celebrated their first anniversary [Photo: Instagram]

Max’s constant desire to learn, despite already being the most brilliant mind she had ever met, inspired her every day to keep growing.

His input and guidance were invaluable, and she found herself lucky to have him on her team. Max had shown her love as exciting and inquisitive and inspiring, and joyful as it was sturdy, reliable, and consistent.

“One like I’ve only seen my parents have,” she stated. Further, she said that he was so special in so many ways few would ever truly understand.

She couldn’t wait till the whole world knew about him, but every day, she felt so lucky to be the one who got to witness it up close.

She penned that the year of life together in their third-floor apartment had been the greatest of her life so far. “Here’s to all the rest. I’ll see you forever,” she stated.

At last, she said let’s make a million more songs together and take over the world.

Max Expressed His Gratitude with Lovely Words for Kira Kosarin

Much like his lovely muse, the musician also wrote a lengthy caption posting their lovely picture on Instagram.

He said that she was the tallest person he knew in compassion, awareness, courage, brain power, and being kind even when no one was looking.

Max stated, “That you can be so tall and never make me feel in your shadow is humbling.”

Moreover, he said that it was inspiring to stand next to her and to learn from her.

“To love, support, and grow with you is a privilege. It is the clearest thing: you are the only coauthor this story could have,” he stated.

Further continuing, he expressed that, like all good stories, it began with salted watermelon and eye contact, and like all good stories, she had made every page breathtaking and inevitable.

Kira Kosarin and Max Chester [Photo: Instagram]

“What an honor to live each day with your beautiful hand in mine,” he penned. Max promised that he would always hold it carefully but never too tight.

Kira and Max Celebrated Three Years of Togetherness This Year

The lovely couple celebrated their third year of togetherness in July. The actress posted a picture and wished happy anniversary.

She penned, “Happy 3 years, here are my favorite pics of us @immaxchester.” After viewing the post, Netizens congratulated the love birds.

One user penned, “She’s happy and secure with her man, and that’s a good thing.” Another user composed, “I so see a proposal soon.”

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Kira Kosarin Rumored Relationship with Actor Jack Griffo

Kosarin was rumored to be in a relationship with the actor Jack Griffo. The duo worked together in the American comedy series, The Thundermans.

The actress put the rumors to rest as she mentioned that she and Jack were friends before appearing in the series together.

They attended school together when she was 14 and had known each other for years in acting classes.

“We had known each other for years and acting for in acting classes,” she explained. Jack was added to the show six months later.

Kira Kosarin with Jack Griffo and other cast members of the series The Thundermans [Photo: Instagram]

The two had a long history of collaborating on camera. She said he added to the show because Kira and Jack already had that chemistry.