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Katie McGowan Has a Kid, but Is She Married?

Dinesh Shrestha


On the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 2020, Katie McGowan revealed that she was celebrating her third Valentine’s Day with Norman Williamson. The couple has been together for some time now, but when is she going to make him her husband?

Nevertheless, Katie doesn’t hold back while showing off her relationship on social media. She supports her partner and loves him dearly.

Is Norman Katie Mcgowan’s Husband?

It is not known how long Norman and Katie have been together, but she shared his photo for the first time in March 2018. The couple had gone hiking at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

Then, the internet personality shared another post with him in April 2018 on the occasion of her birthday. “Thank you for such a memorable birthday,” she penned in the caption.

Katie often shares photos with her beau and does not shy away from showing off her love and admiration for him.

Katie McGowan made her relationship official in 2018 [Photo: Instagram]

The adorable pair lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since she revealed that they were celebrating their third Valentine’s together in 2020, the couple might have been dating since 2018.

Also, in the above-mentioned Valentine’s post, she thanked him for buying her the shot at midtown in January 2018. So, their relationship might have progressed then.

Although it has been a few years since they started dating, only time will tell when the couple will become wife and husband.

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Katie and Her Boyfriend Embraced Parenthood with a Joyful Decision

In 2019, the two made the decision to become parents and started trying to conceive. Fortunately, the couple got pregnant in January 2020. However, they chose to keep it a secret for some time.

“SURPRISE!! Norman and I are pregnant!!!” Morgan exclaimed, flaunting her cute baby bump. She revealed their pregnancy journey as she further wrote, “Last year we decided that we would start trying to conceive in 2020….and we were soooo fortunate to become pregnant in January.”

When she posted the picture, she was 6 1/2 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy. The couple was excited to welcome their first child.

They couldn’t wait to meet, snuggle, and shower with all the kisses and lots of love for their baby boy. “I seriously can not wait to be a mom and squeeze on this lil dude,” she said.

Katie-McGowan flaunts her cute baby bump [Photo: Instagram]

They made the decision to light off some fireworks as a private celebration of their son on that particular day.

She hoped that one day everyone would be able to live in true freedom and that they would all be able to briefly experience freedom.

“I’m sending everyone all of my love and compassion today. Here’s hoping for more progress in the right direction, not only for us who are here presently but for all of our future children and their children too,” McGowan wrapped up the caption.

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Katie’s Baby Shower Celebration with Loved Ones

Having revealed her pregnancy in July 2021, she celebrated the baby shower just a month later. Sharing it with her followers, she thanked her two friends for planning the sweet baby shower for her.

She also thanked her other friends for coming through on the day with all the help, fans, and music. Katie further wrote, “The decorations, the balloons by @justpeachylr, the soul food from Brewster’s 2, the honey lavender cake + carrot cake by @lavenderbakes….everything was so thoughtful and perfect.”

In addition, the internet personality thanked all dear friends that attended the shower by wearing masks and taking special care of their socially distant outdoor baby shower by the river.

“We love all y’all lots. We are definitely feeling the love with all of the kind and thoughtful gifts that everyone brought and mailed to us for baby Zeke,” she composed.

McGowan stated that her baby would be lucky to live in such a supportive village of friends. Her heart was feeling overwhelmed with all the love.

The Most-Awaited Arrival of Her Son

The wait was finally over for the charming couple. They welcomed their gorgeous baby boy on October 1, 2020, at 9:57 am. Their lovely son brought an immeasurable amount of love and light into their lives.

Celebrating one of the special moments, she shared about his arrival a few days later on Instagram. “My world. My son. This is love,” she penned.

She named her son Zeke Walker Williamson, and he weighed 6lbs 10oz at the time of birth. Coincidently, her partner also weighed the same when he was born.

Along with their weight, both of their birthdays fell on the first day of the month in which they were born.

Katie McGowan welcomed her first child with her partner [Photo: Instagram]

She said, “My heart is so, so full of the love I’m feeling for my sweet little Zeke.” The internet personality was thankful to share the journey with her amazing child’s father.

Katie often updates how her child is growing. Nevertheless, the family of three appears to be enjoying quality time together.