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‘It Fluctuates’ – Tokyo Vanity’s Weight Loss Journey

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Rapper Tokyo Vanity delighted fans and followers with her dramatic transformation. In an interview with the Baller Alert, Inc., Tokyo revealed details and experiences of her weight loss journey.

As she unveiled her secrets about her drastic physical alteration, it all came down to the rapper committing herself to work out every day. Furthermore, RealityTitbit claimed her gym routine included running and squat sessions with the help of a personal trainer.

Guys Asked Tokyo Vanity for a Date after Her Weight Loss

The Love & Hip Hop star Tokyo Vanity took to Instagram to reveal her dramatic weight loss. While most fans had just noticed her transformation, Tokyo Vanity began her weight loss journey back in 2022.

Ever since her achievement, Tokyo has been more motivated to continue working in the gym rather than dropping the weights. RealityTitbit had reported that the rapper said, “So much more to go” regarding her weight loss.

Moreover, Tokyo has been vocal about her journey since she lost some weight. She had posted pictures of herself on her social media accounts and shared her experience.

On one occasion, Tokyo Vanity tweeted that since she uploaded pics after her weight loss, some men were approaching her to ask her on a date.

Moreover, Hip-HopVibe claimed that the American rapper, The Game was among her admirers who did not hesitate to appreciate Tokyo’s progress.

In a picture posted by Tokyo, The Game commented, “Boyyyyyy…..ahhhh wear dat ahh out”, to which Vanity replied, “Gone on !”

Currently, Tokyo is still on her weight loss journey and has been sharing pictures of her progress on her Instagram.

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Tokyo Vanity’s Weight Loss Secrets

Tokyo started her weight loss journey with the help of personal trainer Body by Ted. She began working out as per the program on his official website BigGirlzMove.com.

In February 2022, the rapper shared a video with her trainer, which was humorously captioned, “Before I have a show or go to the club in case I have to fight one of y’all.” However, the video is no longer available on her Instagram as of this writing.

Tokyo Vanity [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, RealityTitbit claimed apart from her regular workout sessions, Tokyo has been eating healthier. Besides, her followers had also been supportive of her along the journey, which kept her motivated.

Tokyo Was Happier at Heavier Size

The American rapper firmly believed that losing weight did not necessarily mean one would feel happier. Nonetheless, Tokyo has found a newfound motivation and confidence from her journey.

Regarding the subject matter, Tokyo posted a tweet with the caption, “I was actually happier on the left than I am on the right so I really don’t get your point.”

Further, her fans supported her ideal as they praised Tokyo for loving herself no matter her physical appearance. They added that love was all about loving and embracing yourself at every stage of the transition.

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Tokyo Vanity Struggled to Eat Clean

Madmenoire reported Tokyo’s post about her weight loss journey was all too relatable. In the video, the rapper hilariously chowed on strawberries and salad as wistfully sniffed a slice of pizza.

Tokyo wrote, “I got this,” as she highlighted choosing healthy food was harder some days than others. The rapper went on to upload a story that read, “All y’all know how hard it is and how much I’m trying” in March 2022.

Tokyo Vanity [Photo: Instagram]

Along with the adjustment to eating healthy food, the rapper shared that she was on a diet created by Chef Nyesha Toya, aka @miss404chef.

This helped immensely as she visited the gym twice a day and trained under the guidance of her fitness instructor.