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Jessie Reyez Has Had Partners in the Past

Prasiddha Gautam


Jessie Reyez, who has regarded herself as a serial monogamist, had been in and out of relationships continuously for nearly 10 years. She had dated in the past but had to part ways with her former partners.

Jessie, an extraordinary songwriter and singer with a unique style, was way too focused on herself and self-improvement that she ghosted her lovers without even realizing it and blamed herself for the soiled bond.

Jessie Had Met the Sweetest Guy Ever, But Things Did Not Go As Planned

Love was always a hurtful experience for Jessie. Moreover, she felt that if affection didn’t inflict any wounds, it wouldn’t make any sense. The songwriter said that she had previously dated two individuals within a period of a decade before meeting someone extraordinary.

Eventually, Jessie met the kindest, patient, and honest person ever. However, due to the drawbacks of the relationships with her ex-partners, she couldn’t freely open up about herself.

Well, the singer also didn’t give much time and focus on healing, which resulted in the suppression of her emotions.

Jessie couldn’t express her emotions, nor could she share things that were deep and vulnerable with that person.

After some time, she made a mature move and told that individual that she would stay open as long as she could. If the bond between them were meant to be, it would be otherwise; she would detach herself and would be fine.

Moreover, Jessie has composed a song titled Fraud, where she has called out one of her ex-boyfriends for his wicked ways.

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Jessie Practices Self-Love to Cope with Breakups

When asked for relationship advice, Jessie joked that she shouldn’t be offering consultation regarding romance. Then, she made an analogy, saying that it’s like asking a teacher who failed elementary school and high school to solve an equation.

Despite that, she offered some tips.

The songwriter felt that the lack of self-love was a major problem. She learned to love herself more and talked to herself like someone she loved.

Jessie has also learned to take on the responsibilities of as many things as she could and minimized blaming things on others. She experienced that keeping one’s happiness in control of oneself is the most important aspect.

Jessie Reyez still has many wounds to heal. [Photo: Jessie’s Instagram]

The singer felt no one’s boyfriend or girlfriend is responsible for their happiness; they themselves are the ones in charge of it.

Jessie has struggled with breakups and still has some old wounds that are yet to heal. Moreover, she learned that there were no quick fixes to these problems.

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Her Current Relationship Status

Jessie keeps her romantic life low-key from the public and has only talked about those matters in podcasts and some interviews.

The singer was previously dating someone but then broke up in August of 2022. Since then, she hasn’t talked about her love life.

In her recent Instagram posts, she is seen with other male artists. Jessie had uploaded pictures with Ricardo Valdez Valentine, AKA 6LACK, and had worked with Miguel for her latest music video, Jeans.

Jessie with her friend 6LACK. [Photo: Jessie’s Instagram]

Miguel and Jessie have posed in some intimate manners and have composed a sensual song together.

Similarly, the songwriter has also collaborated with 6LACK, and in one post, she mentioned that he is a friend of hers. All in all, the current situation about her romantic life isn’t known.