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Ana Gabriel Annoyed with the Gay Questions

Dinesh Shrestha


Mexican singer-songwriter Ana Gabriel has netizens and reporters asking: Are you gay? She was irritated by the same questions regarding her sexual orientation.

Therefore, Gabriel made a decision to respond to it. While she did not embrace or refute the accusations in her response, she did make one thing quite clear: she adored women.

Ana Responded to the Questions Regarding Her Sexuality

The Mexican singer-songwriter performed at the James L. Knight Center in Miami as a part of her 2015-2016 “Por ti, Para Siempre” tour.

After the concert, she agreed to talk to some members of the press. While asking questions, one reporter asked the inevitable question again, “Are you gay?”

The singer was seemingly annoyed by the questions and replied, “Why do you ask me the same question all the time?”

Ana Gabriel [Photo: Instagram]

Instantly, the reporter addressed the lack of a romantic relationship with a man throughout her musical career.

“Well, you haven’t seen me with a woman either, and you know why?” she professed. Furthermore, Gabriel explained, “Because I have many, and I am a very faithful person, so I have to be faithful to all of them.”

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Still Left the Question Mark on the Sexuality Questions

The interpreter chose to continue leaving a question mark in the air despite her long history of fighting gay allegations.

Aforementioned, she didn’t accept or refuse the accusations. However, she did make one thing abundantly clear that she loved a woman.

She mentioned, “I have my mom, my daughter, my sister, my friends,” as examples of women she loved before anyone started having thoughts that she was finally coming out of the closet.

Additionally, Ana Gabriel made the confession that she didn’t picture herself living out the rest of her days with anyone. She also made a confession that she did not see herself spending the rest of her life with anyone.

“If you haven’t seen me with anyone is because I have been living by myself for 60 years, and at this point in my life, I don’t think I would want to share everything I have with another person, whether it is a man, a woman or quimera,” she quipped.

What Is Ana’s Sexuality?

While netizens continue asking about her sexuality, not many are aware, but the singer has already clarified the rumors.

In October 2015, the Mexican singer decided to end all of the controversy in the middle of a presentation at the Banamex Auditorium in Monterrey.

According to a Mexican magazine, TV Notas, she confessed: “that she is asexual like the angels.”

However, before making the controversial statement, which raised more questions, she delighted the audience as the venue was full. She chose an appropriate time to make the confession.

She said, “Why do you always ask me the same question? They haven’t seen me with a man; but neither with a woman. At this age I’ll have to grab someone bigger and without an umbrella, so I do turn around. I’m better off being asexual like the angels.”

The statement instantly sparked some laughter in the venue.

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Ana’s Alleged Relationship with Mexican Actress Veronica Castro

While facing the gay rumors, the Mexican singer was also alleged to be in a relationship with Veronica Castro.

According to a report by Futbol, Gabriel had a secret romance with the actress. Furthermore, she also dedicated her song ‘Simplemente Amigos’ (English: ‘Just Friends’) to the actress.

As everyone thought a man was the inspiration for the song, but apparently it was not. This shocked the world as no one had imagined it.

Ana Gabriel alleged relationship with actress Veronica Castro [Photo: Twitter]

The mentioned outlet also claimed that their relationship took place 30 years ago. Castro also used to attend her concerts.

One thing the outlet confirmed was that the relationship was never publicized because of fear of rejection from society.

At that time, it was not well-seen to date someone of the same sex. Therefore, they never made their relationship public.

However, neither Gabriel nor Castro has denied or confirmed the supposed romance.