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Josh Kiszka’s Revelation about Having a Same-Sex-partner

Prasiddha Gautam


Josh Kiszka revealed that he had a same-sex partner through an Instagram post. The singer had to raise his voice against the Tennessee legislators who were proposing bills that threatened the freedom of love for the LGBTQ+ community.

In that influential post, he revealed that he had been dating someone of the same sex for a long period of time.

Josh Revealed His 8 Years-Long Relationship

The 27-year-old wrote that he had been dating his boyfriend for 8 years back in June. Moreover, Josh disclosed his relationship in order to speak about their freedom as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

He also said that the issues in the laws affect the individuals close to his heart.

Well, the singer hopes to change the hearts, minds, and laws in Tennessee and beyond. He is aware of the future drawbacks of the new rules which are going to be practiced. Further, he is spreading awareness about those problems to the public.

Besides, he prefers to stay low-key about his romantic life.

Furthermore, he hasn’t even uploaded a single picture with his significant other on his social media platforms.

All in all, Greta Van Fleet’s vocalist has introduced his partner but has concealed his true identity.

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Female Fans Have Huge Crush on Josh

Josh is mostly in the limelight because of his career. During the YouTube podcast with Melissa Hager, she spoke about his spotlight and also expressed, on behalf of every female audience, that they think they are all his type.

Josh Kiszka during a podcast with Melissa. [Photo: Melissa TV/YouTube]

As the podcast went on, the lovely lady said she liked to read comments while watching his music videos.

Then, she narrated a comment, “Did you see what he’s wearing? I would wear that as my wedding dress for our wedding. I can’t wait until Josh proposes to me.”

After that, she questioned Josh whether or not he saw that type of attention arising. Melissa added, “I mean, like no, not really, people would give their left leg to clean your toilets.”

Josh shared the perspective from his side as he has experienced crowds getting really wild in airports and different venues. Further, his fans also wanted to get a glimpse of him and would touch him while he was out in public.

Melissa had observed how people acted around the musician and was intrigued.

Then, Josh said that he doesn’t want to live in a protected world and gets involved with many people. So, he tries not to be toxic. This could be the reason why his people adore his personality.

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He Loves Every Human Being

On the same podcast, Melissa discussed the singer’s preference.

She was asked by the people what his type was, and the lovely lady gave her favorite answer, “I think everybody’s his type. The musician loves everybody.” She really emphasized that Josh really loves everybody.

Josh doesn’t love only his partner but all human beings. [Photo: Josh’s Instagram]

Then, their conversation took a philosophical turn. She felt that there was a special thing in some people where they could love everyone without loving everybody.

After stating her statement, she asked the singer whether or not that made sense.

Josh nodded and said that he loved that point. Further, Melissa perceived that the singer had a genuine love for humanity, which had assisted him with his writing and filming.

Then, nearly at the end of the video, Josh gave advice to the viewers, “[expletive] fear, and live your legend through the intelligence of love.” Then he received a shocking reaction and compliment from Melissa.

Overall, the singer is living his life full of love and spreading positivity in the LGBTQ+ community.