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Davey Havok’s Gay Rumors – What’s True, What’s Not?

Dinesh Shrestha


The American singer Davey Havok, lead singer of the rock band AFI, has been facing rumors about his sexuality for some time now. He has everyone asking: Is Davey Havok gay?

Initially, rumors began to spread on social media because of his heavy makeup, which made netizens think that he might be gay.

Havok has never opened his mouth on this topic. As a result, the rumors began to circulate more on the internet.

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Davey Havok Friend AFI’s Guitarist Jade Reportedly Cleared the Rumors

One of his friends and AFI’s guitarist, Jade, responded to Davey’s gay rumors and cleared it, saying he was neither gay nor bi, and asked fans to get over it.

He continued that just because your friend heard he was gay or you read it on some message board didn’t make it so.

Jade said although he had made posts on this topic repeatedly over the years, people still refused to believe he was not gay.

“I guess we’ll have to keep hearing about it ad infinitum,” he added. Jade stated, “I say we talk about Fritch. Or Smith. They’re DEFINITELY gay, I caught them holding hands and plus, they went to the prom together.”

Davey Havok Didn’t Answer the Gay Rumors but Eventually Spoke Out

The American singer reportedly said it was a huge topic. He found that the question and dubiousness that seemed to exude had given people something, not only simply gossip or whether God would smite them for liking their band, but actually, they had found strength and become more comfortable with who they were as a person.

Davey Havok [Photo: Facebook]

“It’s pansexual that sort of reach,” he added. The singer further continued saying it was a wonderful side effect of what they were doing to give someone the strength to come out of the closet of their family or simply present themselves aesthetically in a way they felt happy with, whether or not their friends would be allowed to like them anymore.

Finally, he said, “So it’s actually a cool side effect to all the rumors.”

Netizens Talked about the Rumor

The rumor regarding his sexuality spread almost a decade ago, but it wasn’t cleared for a long time. So, the fans talked about the topic on social media and expressed their opinion.

One user tweeted, “Gracie and I are laughing so hard at how GAY Davey Havok is.” Another user wrote, “I would go gay for Davey Havok in a heartbeat. Easily the prettiest dude in rock and roll history, maybe all of the world.”

Another user composed, “The amount of time I spend thinking about Freddie Mercury and Davey Havok is unhealthy and incredibly gay.”

One netizen even asked, “Doesn’t he have a kid?”

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Davey Havok Ignored Rumors and Misconceptions about Him

Before AFI’s last London concert with Deftones in May 2017, Havok sat down to discuss with NME and claimed that despite a long list of weird lies, there has never been a “misconception” about the band over the past three decades.

He said he didn’t know if there was a singular misconception about them. He continued there were so many different rumors about them as people, as a band, and personally that were polarised.

The singer said,

“There have been rumours about me for many, many years. I’ve overdosed and died many times, I’ve been a junkie, I’ve been violent and militant straight-edge, I’ve been the kindest person in the world, I’ve been a completely appalling horrible person, Christian, Satanist, the gamut. All of it is there, but I don’t really get involved in any of that because it doesn’t matter.”

Davey Havok said there has never been a “misconception” about the band over the past three decades [Photo: Facebook]

When he was asked about the identity of their loyal fan famous loyal fanbase, he said, “They’re wildly varied but was does distinguish them is how dedicated they are and how passionate they are about what we create.”

The singer added that it was flattering and gratifying. He admitted that they were very lucky to have that and were very appreciative.

Davey Demurred to Reveal His Name If He Ever Creates a Drag Queen Persona

Jade Puget and Davey Havok stopped by Fuse to talk about drag queen names and other personal information.

When he was asked what he would name his hip-hop alter ego, he demurred and opted to reveal his name if he ever created a drag queen persona: Andi Cane, specifically with an “I.”

He also admitted his most irritating habit to others was that he had an oral fixation and constantly made noises and sounds with his mouth.

He continued, he touched his mouth, and sucked through his teeth. “It’s annoying,” he said.

Davey Havok Past relationships

As per WDW, the singer had engaged with Monica Parker from 2001 to 2002. Then the couple eventually broke up.

The outlet also claimed that he had been in a relationship with Brittany Bowen in 2006. Just like gay rumors, the relationship rumors have not been confirmed.