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Tiffany Hudson’s Perfect Wedding With Her Husband



Love, music, and devotion were beautifully intertwined, as the singer-songwriter Tiffany Hudson said ‘I do’ to her husband, Mait Hudson. They exchanged vows on November 13, 2020, in a stunning God-felt wedding ceremony.

Since their graceful and spiritual union, Tiffany and Mait have allowed their followers a peek into their wedding ceremony and marital life as a whole.

Tiffany Hudson Husband, Mait Hudson
Tiffany and Mait Hudson’s Wedding (Photo: Instagram)

Tiffany Hudson’s husband took to his Instagram to share snippets of their wedding day. He quoted Ephesians 4 in the caption, conveying their love and commitment to nurturing their relationship. 

The lovebirds also shared snaps of their dreamy honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then, in almost a blink; they celebrated two years of marriage on November 13, 2022.

Tiffany made an emotional wedding video for her husband on their first anniversary. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude added a hint of affection in the caption that read,

“1 year🤍 We’ve made the sweetest memories & built a beautiful foundation upon lavish years of love & “yes” upon. I still can’t believe you chose me & watching this video you made for me floods my eyes with tears every time!

To many, many more, my love 🤍”

Likewise, on their second blissful year, Tiffany and her loving beau shared videos as a married couple and promised to love one another for years and on.

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Tiffany and Mait Hudson’s Perfect Love Story

“A couple that prays together stays together.”

The quote perfectly fits the Hudson couple as their love story embodies the profound harmony of faith and love.

In one of her appreciation posts for her husband, Tiffany wrote, “This is what I prayed for.”

She continued, “I prayed for a worshipper. Someone that isn’t ashamed to look a little foolish & truly lose themselves in the presence of God.”

Tiffany Hudson's Husband Mait Hudson
Tiffany prayed for her husband (Photo: Instagram)

The couple first met at Elevation Worship, her workplace. Celebrating ten months of marital bliss, she posted a cozy picture of them playfully referring to her husband as ‘Mait from work.’

Furthermore, Tiffany Hudson confessed to secretly crushing on her husband for months before they spoke. They instantly connected and became best friends on their first date at the rodeo.

In another appreciation post, Hudson poured her heart “Into falling in love in the summer and getting engaged in the fall. To the most magical three months of marriage. I love you forever, and I love celebrating our love.”

Tiffany and Mait Hudson’s love has been shining via their Instagram. Since they started dating in 2019, they have graced their followers with glimpses of their love and adventures.

Mait Hudson, a doting and supportive husband, wholeheartedly supports her career as a singer. He often shares his excitement about spending life with his best friend, and seeing her perform makes him beam with pride.

However, amidst their picture-perfect love story, Tiffany candidly reminded herself and her followers that relationships are imperfect. She candidly wrote, “I sometimes feel convicted about posting a cute pic with Mait and people thinking our relationship is perfect… it’s not.”

All that to say, the Hudson couple continues to inspire their followers with their love story, reminding them that true love and a happily-ever-after exist.

Tiffany Hudson’s Husband, Mait Hudson, Is A Film Maker

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tiffany Hudson’s handsome beau grew up in a church-going family. However, it wasn’t until he joined Elevation Church at age 17 that Mait genuinely connected to Jesus and recognized his devotion to God and passion for filmmaking.

His creative journey started at the tender age of 10 when he started producing skateboarding videos for his friends. Although it was during his time at Elevation Church, Mait acknowledged his love for filmmaking.

After spending three years at church and studying Film & Ministry in Australia, he officially joined Elevation Church in an apprenticeship.

After six months, Mait was offered a job as a film director and started his dream job.

Tiffany’s spouse primarily creates biblical themes because he believes there is so much truth & power in the word of God. When asked if he exclusively focused on biblical themes, he replied, “I want to create work that is real, raw, and has meaning.”

Besides Elevation Film, Mait started his YouTube journey in 2019. He often shares vlogs with his wife and a few work portfolio.