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Carolina Ross Revealed Her Unfaithful Boyfriend

Himal Ale Magar


The Sinaloan singer Carolina Ross opened up during an interview with Karla Diaz on her Youtube channel Pinky Promise TV. During the interview, Carolina revealed that a famous singer was her boyfriend, who was unfaithful to her when they were in a relationship.

Following the reports by TVyNovelas, “His name is Ulices Chaidez,” revealed Carolina Ross.

She added, “In his time the truth was he was doing very well, I did a cover of a song with him, then we started to get to know each other.”

“First, we were friends. I was dating a guy. I broke up with this guy, and we started going out like this, literally, and well, the net was winning over me. It was very romantic. He brought me many flowers. He was very attentive [translated],” she recalled.

Carolina Ross [Photo: Instagram]

Additionally, Carolina added that despite everything she had suffered, her disappointment gave her a valuable lesson and served as an experience.

Who Is Carolina Ross’ Boyfriend?

Her fans had always wondered who the Mexican singer was dating, and the statement she made on the topic caught everyones’ attention.

The singer revealed the truth about her relationship with an open heart, about how she felt cheated.

As per her comment, Carolina was in a relationship with Ulices Chaidez. The two got close to each other after they covered a song together in 2018.

Ulices is a popular pop singer-songwriter and musician from Mexico. The singer started playing music as a child and performed at talent contests and regional festivals.

Further, his debut release with his group Andamos En El Ruedo went on to top Billboard’s Regional Mexican Albums Chart and number three on the Top Latin Albums Chart. The artist also won the Lo Nuestro Awards for Artist of the Year and Sierreña Song in the year 2020.

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Carolina Reflects On Her Sentimental Breakup With Her Boyfriend In The Song “El Barco”

The Mexican singer addressed her memories with her boyfriend in her first single of the year, ‘El barco.’

In the single, Carolina reflected upon how the relationship did not have the same interest and flavor. Carolina went on to compare it with the aimless ship without a captain, which is slowly sinking.

Carolina Ross, who is considered as Regional Mexicans’ Own Princess, poured out her emotions and experience in the song from her album Cuestión de Tiempo. The album was released in 2022 and features 11 songs.

Some of the popular songs from the album were ‘Decide Qué Somos,’ ‘Apuré Mi Café,’ ‘Cuando Caiga La Noche,’ and ‘Apuré Mi Café.’ You can listen to her entire album on Spotify.

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What Happened To Carolina Ross? Why Did Carolina Pause Her Tour?

Carolina broke the news to her fans that she had to stop touring for solid reasons.

As she was taking firm steps in her musical career, Carolina announced that she had to pause her tour because of health issues.

The ‘Puño de Diamantes’ songstress underwent surgery on her vocal cords. Carolina revealed that this was why she had to step away from the stage.

According to the reports by Somosnews, the singer said,

“I have news for you, family, but not the kind that I like to give you. It’s more of a challenge, but not the kind I like. In a few days they are going to operate on a polyp that I have on one of my vocal cords and despite the fact that it is not serious, thank God, I do see it as a warning that I have to lower my volume three stripes.”

Carolina Ross Performing On Stage [Photo: Instagram]

After the announcement, Celina’s fans and colleagues went on social media, wishing her a speedy recovery.

“God’s tests are very exact and you have to understand them, you’re going to be fine!! And soon you will be back with your audience!! Cheer up, health is first of all blessings,” said Ricky Yocupicio, as per the same report.