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When Not Attending Gigs, Paul Virzi Spends Time with His Wife and Children

Prasiddha Gautam


Paul Virzi, as a stand-up comedian, goes on a lot of road trips in order to entertain the masses. But, when the guy isn’t involved in those activities, he likes to hunker down with his wife.

During the gigs, Paul likes to joke about his spouse, and he never disrespects her. The comedian shares humorous stories about his life events and entertains people.

Meet Paul Virzi’s Wife, Stacey Virzi

Paul and his better half, Stacey, have been together for more than 15 years. This year, the lovebirds will celebrate their 16th anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Virzi decided to share their life together and walked down the wedding aisle in November 2007.

Paul Virzi with his wife during their 14th anniversary. [Photo- Instagram]

Stacey currently works as a Senior Vice President of Operations in the leading market data platform and solution provider named Solve.

She has worked in SOLVE for more than 4 years and is also a managing director of a company named Lumesis, which is now acquired by SOLVE. Stacey has worked for Lumesis for more than 8 years.

In the past, she was an employee at Credit Risk Monitor for 11 years. There, she worked as the Sales Operation Manager and provided VP Client Services. Initially, Stacey’s first job was as the Accounting Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare.

Talking about her education, Stacey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English from Rutgers University.

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Paul Had Told His Wife to Date Another Guy

As standup comedy is an unstable job, Paul had told his wife that it was uncertain whether he would suffer from poverty or get rich during his middle age. The funny guy even suggested his better half date another guy with a stable career, as per The Family Nation.

Paul Virzi celebrating Halloween with his family. [Photo- Twitter]

But their love had deepened, and their roots had reached the point where the couple was inseparable. She eventually decided to stick with the stand-up comedian.

The true love between the lovebirds paid off as Paul has become a star stand-up comedian, and his partner is leading a good career.

Doting Parents of Two Children

Thanks to their years of marital life, the duo have also embraced parenthood. Pau and Stacey welcomed their first baby boy, named Lucas, in 2009.

Paul Virzi with his wife and children. [Photo- Instagram]

Later, their family was completed after the arrival of their baby girl in 2015 to their family. They decided to name her Sophia Virzi. Their son is currently 13 years old he celebrates his birthday on May 29.

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Their Daughter Challenged Him to a Lightsaber Battle as Darth Vader

As the father of two kids, Paul Virzi noted the differences: the female child is more emotionally mature compared to a male child.

He went on and said that his baby boy is beautiful and empathetic, but his baby girl is on a whole other level. The comedian stated, “Little girls don’t look at their daddies; they look through them, you know?”

Then Paul went on and explained a scenario that occurred in his house.

Well, the Virzi family is a huge Star Wars fan, and when Paul’s son invited him to a lightsaber fight, he obviously agreed and played along with him.

When fighting with his little one, the 44-year-old got defeated and said, “Alright, Lucas, you won. You just beat Daddy.”

His son halted, and after that, another challenger was his daughter Sophia. She came up to him like a gangster and stated she was Darth Vader.

At first, Paul was a bit surprised and agreed to her request. He said that she first did what her brother was doing, then, after some time, she cut both of his legs, whereas her brother had only cut one.

As a result, Paul fell back on the couch as the act of getting both his legs cut off. Then the guy said, “Sweetie, you won. You just beat Daddy.” and with an adorable voice, his daughter replied, “Not yet.”

Then Sophia went on and put the lightsaber on his throat and acted as if she had chopped his head off.

All in all, we can see that the talented comedian is not just enjoying a progressing career but also a playful life with his family.