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Chelsea Laden and Her Husband’s Great Wedding Weekend

Prasiddha Gautam


Chelsea Laden and her husband, Jake Rancic, had a blast at their wedding, which took place in Welch, Minnesota. Their ceremony even had a DJ, Fire Pit Area, Sparkler Service, Wedding Cake, and Desserts from a famous bakery.

The people at the event were encouraged to wear neutral colors in formal wedding attire. The party also included liquors and late-night snacks.

Chelsea and Jake’s Dreamy Wedding

Well, Jake said that he was the luckiest guy in the world when he announced the pair’s wedding through Instagram in December 2022.

Further, he made a birthday post earlier this month, where he wished Chelsea a happy birthday, calling her the most amazing girl and someone whom he would get to call his wife in 3 days.

He further added that he loved living this life with her and couldn’t wait to see what was next for the lovebirds in their life together.

Chelsea Laden and her husband sharing a romantic time. [Photo: Instagram]

Well, the eventful wedding occurred on September 15, 2023, when the couple became life partners. Further, the team members of her YouTube channel, Project Fear, were also present, and she referred to her team as The Fearsome Four.

The lovely duo had the most amazing wedding. Further, Chelsea and her husband were also even given shout-outs and well-wishes by their favorite band Goo Goo Dolls.

John Rzeznik from the band said, “I checked the ring, I bit the diamond, it’s good” and was delighted for them. The singer also hoped that the couple would always be nice to each other.

The vocalist also joked and said, “I hope you make a lot of little Vikings.” Then he sang a romantic song for them, which made their wedding an unforgettable event of their life.

Chelsea and Jake thought they were dreaming, and, as per their post, were pinching each other.

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The Married Duo Had Been Dating for 5 Years

The pair’s romantic journey started when Jake met Chelsea at the Illinois College of Optometry during their white coat ceremony.

The president of the college, based on past records, said that it’s likely that two members of the same class would marry each other in the future.

Little did the couple know that they would be having a dreamy wedding 5 years from then. As Jake and Chelsea were on the same team, their trust deepened.

They also used to give each other full eye exams and injections while training.

Whenever they were free, the lovebirds used to catch some glimpses of cool spots in downtown Chicago. After their graduation, they also purchased their own optometry practice named Pearle Vision in Red Wing.

The lovely pair of Jake Rancic and Chelsea Laden. [Photo: Instagram]

Eventually, they got engaged on July 2, 2022, at Barn Bluff, which is a great hiking spot in the city.

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Meet Chelsea’s Husband Jake Rancic

Dr. Jake Rancic graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2021, and so did his wife Chelsea.

Further, Jake posted the graduation picture with his friends and his spouse, who was also present during the memorable day.

Jake Rancic on his graduation day [Photo: Instagram]

Jake is a disciplined, hard-working, experienced, and motivated person. He has held leadership and member positions in many organizations before and during his collegiate days.

His striving attitude allowed Dr. Rancic to get the most out of his studies. Chelsea’s husband is excited to put his skills to the test and take the next steps. He is also optimistic about his career as an Optometrist.

Currently he has been working at Pearle Vision since November 2021. The firm has provided education and advanced eye care options for more than 50 years.

Jake also worked as an Optometric Assistant for 3 months at Skowron Eye Care, where he gained experience and performed various imaging tests on patients.

In addition, Jake is also a knowledgeable lifeguard and swimmer with 3 years and 11 months of experience. Plus, he is also interested in Water Polo.