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Jonathan Antoine Was Inspired by His Girlfriend Michelle Doucet for His Album Believe

Prasiddha Gautam


Jonathan Antoine has been with multiple girls, but among them, one stood out. The opera singer said that his girlfriend Michelle Doucet was the light of his life and inspired him to create a classic album, Believe.

In the past, Antoine seemed excited about talking about his partner, but he hasn’t talked about her in ages. Did the lovebirds break up?

Jonathan First Introduced His Girlfriend on a TV Show

In 2016, Jonathan brought up the name of his girlfriend, Michelle, who is from Canada. The musician said he had a lovely lady who was like the light of his life.

The opera singer added that she lived in Canada and had gone to visit her and concluded by saying, “Yeah, she is great, and I love her.” Then one of the women hosting the show said that they were really, really happy for him.

Well, Jonathan and Michelle met in 2015 via a web chat service.

Jonathan Antoine and his girlfriend Michelle Doucet. [Photo: YouTube]

At first, the lovers were in a long-distance relationship, and the singer would go to Canada to visit her frequently. Michelle also used to fly over to meet him.

Jonathan also made a few public appearances with his lover, Michelle Doucet.

Michelle had a Twitter account in the past, as she was mentioned by her beau. However, the account is no longer on the platform.

As of now, neither he nor his partner has stated anything about their relationship.

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Jonathan Was Traumatized by His Ex-girlfriend

Jonathan had to go through a chaotic phase during the early years of his life. He had opened up about his disturbing relationship, which he had during the age of 18.

The girl that Jonathan dated had tendencies to self-harm and would cut herself with blades from a pencil sharpener. The surprising thing was that Jonathan’s ex didn’t hide those cuts and wasn’t secret about her self-inflicting inclination.

Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend harmed herself. [Photo- Instagram]

When the 28-year-old singer’s mom found out about her wounds, it became really stressful for him. Plus, he was obsessed with that girl. Eventually, his former lover got moved to another school and out of the area where the opera singer lived.

After that, Jonathan received a call saying that they were over. Their relationship ended over a phone call. But that wasn’t the case for the obsessed singer.

Jonathan was so sad that he self-harmed himself with the blade of a sharpener. He slit his torso, and his blood had spilled everywhere. His mother went into a meltdown after she saw him in that condition.

Fortunately, his self-inflicting period only lasted for a bit.

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Rumors of Charlotte Jaconelli Being Jonathan’s Wife

Jonathan met Charlotte Jaconelli in 2006 at West Hatch High School.

When they went for the audition, Simon Cowell pointed out that he shouldn’t have partnered with Charlotte, who could have brought him down. Nevertheless, Simon’s claim backfired after they reached the finale.

Seeing their chemistry, many believed that they were in a relationship.

But, neither Jonathan Antoine nor his former singing partner Charlotte Jaconelli ever stated that they were dating or were a couple. Their partnership was solely for the creation of British classical music.

However, there are still some sites that have mentioned Charlotte as the soon-to-be wife of Jonathan.

Well, the mystery surrounding their relationship was already cleared in the past when Charlotte mentioned Jonathan as her brother.

Furthermore, Charlotte was previously in a relationship with her former boyfriend, Calum Gulvin.

All in all, the current relationship status of Jonathan is yet to be known. Hopefully, he will come forward and clear the doubts surrounding his love life.