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Camille Cottin Is Enjoying Relationship With Boyfriend And Is Against Marriage

Prasiddha Gautam


Camille Cottin is a freedom lover, which has kept her from marrying her boyfriend Benjamin Mahon. The bold actress has said that she is against marriage and wants to feel the freedom that former generations have allowed her to acquire.

Furthermore, the pair have welcomed two children. So, have they got any plans for a marriage somewhere in the future then?

Camille and Benjamin Have Been Together for Nearly Two Decades

When Camile was asked if she had anyone in her life back in 2013, the actress revealed that she had been dating an architect for 8 years.

Well, she has been with Benjamin, whose full name is Benjamin Mahon de Monaghan, since 2005, and their relationship is possibly getting stronger than ever.

Camille Cottin started dating Benjamin in 2005. [Photo: Instagram]

The actress and her beau have been sharing a loving bond for 18 years now, and by this time, they must have known how to handle each other.

Camille and her partner, Benjamin, with their two children, reside in her birth city of Faubourg-Montmartre, Paris, France.

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Met Her Boyfriend During Her Drama Days

Well, Camille first met her partner through her friend, who was going to the same drama school when she was traveling as a part of a band of actors. Further, the same friend had a crush on Benjamin’s brother.

Camille Cottin met Benjamin through her friend. [Photo: Instagram]

Camille agreed that having succeeded at a mature age is more stable and grounded. She also said that success can lead to a certain fragility.

The actress further added that building a strong family and having friends and people around an individual can help to stay stable.

Her beau and family must have helped her to further uplift her career.

Benjamin Is An Architect

As it has been mentioned above, Camille’s boyfriend is an architect. In addition, he has also showcased his acting skills once. He has got credit for Dumped, a 2018 movie.

Furthermore, Benjamin Mahon is a private guy, as he has kept his social media away from the prying eyes of the public.

It is not known what his daily life looks like as he keeps a low profile on social platforms. However, Benjamin must be a doting dad to their two children.

Duo’s Children Out Of Wedlock

As stated earlier, the lovebirds together are the parents of two children, a son and a daughter.

They welcomed their first child, a son named Leon, back in 2009. Then, their family was completed with the arrival of their beautiful daughter Anna in August 2015.

Camille Cottin is a mother of two. [Photo: Instagram]

Cottin’s children are becoming more and more aware of her fame. Once, they asked if she was more or less famous than the soccer player Kilyan Mbappé. She then replied she is like less, less, less famous than him.

Then her son said that she was less famous with a bit of doubt. After that, Camille agreed that she was less famous.

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Rumors Surrounding Camille Being Lesbian

The beautiful star is a passionate actress, and her role in ‘Call My Agent!” had people questioning whether or not she was a lesbian. In the movie, she played the role of Andéa Martel and described the character as a “female Don Juan.”

The talented star’s character got involved in a series of expletive roles that triggered a discussion between fans. She has also played in movies like A Haunting in Venice, Killing Eve, Golda, House of Gucci, Stillwater, and many more.

Overall, the 44-year-old is enjoying her blissful life with her boyfriend and children, who are kept away from the limelight.