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Michael Cudlitz & His Wife, As Young As Ever

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Michael and his wife, Rachael Cudlitz, celebrate one another’s company as if they are still in their teens.

Take the Instagram post from April 2022 as an example. Rachael can be seen leaning into her husband, who is sporting a fun & colorful shirt, brown shades, and a funky blonde wig to top it all off. The pitch-black background was contrasted by what appeared to be stickers of multi-colored disco balls.

Michael’s looks in the photo stunned netizens, and they were quick to celebrate the couple’s evergreen grooves in the comments.

The lovebirds have been married for many years but still have fun with each other. No wonder the missus confessed in the post’s caption that “this” was why they were still married.

Michael Cudlitz and his wife, Rachael Cudlitz [Photo: Instagram]

From the get-go, the American actor and actress’ relationship was amazing. So much so that Rachael took a prolonged hiatus from her career to focus on building a family with her hubby.

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Michael Cudlitz’s Wife Is a Former Actress

Michael Cudlitz’s wife, Rachael Cudlitz, was once an actress with a few notable acting credits to her name. However, she chose to cut her career short in the 90s after the couple became parents to a beautiful set of twins.

Rachael first debuted in the entertainment industry in 1995 through the TV series ER. Her appearance in the drama helped her raise her popularity a little bit. It left a favorable impression on the audience, and she played the character of a med student.

Then in 1996, the actress worked on the comedy movie Follow The B*tch. The film won four awards at the Bangkok Film Festival. In the same year, she had a small role in Beverly Hills, 90210.

It only seems natural to assume that the now-married duo met on set before hitting it off as lovebirds like so many others in the industry have. However, Michael and Rachael had known each other well before making it as actors.

Michael Cudlitz and His Wife Met in the College

Michael and his wife, Rachael, met for the first time in 1996 when they were still at the California Institute of the Arts. Then, the duo was drawn to each other and started to date.

After graduation, Michael and Rachael put a ring on their relationship and got engaged. Then, they tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony a few years later.

The pair welcomed their twin boys, Mason and Max, on February 12, 1997.

The actor often says that he changed after marrying and welcoming their children. Despite his notorious image in the industry, The Walking Dead star has always tried to be his best version and support his family.

Michael and Rachael live in their LA home, which the actor had bought for $260K in 1992. Well, when the married duo renovated their house, Rachael was the designer while her husband did the heavier lifting as a general contractor.

Michael and Rachael Were Apart during the Pandemic

While the pandemic hit the globe, like most people, the lovebirds were stuck apart from each other.

The husband had been out shooting for a CBS show in Toronto, whereas the wife was stuck at home.

The actress was frustrated and took on Instagram in November 2020 and vented in the caption to take out her frustration towards the whole situation.

She mentioned that had been the state of her marriage for the last three months. The post was accompanied by a screenshot taken over a Facetime call, where Rachael and her beau were smiling at one another.

Thankfully, they did not have to spend much time apart. Just a month later, the pair was spotted together celebrating Christmas with the family.

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Couple Celebrated a Christmas with Their Family

Rachael posted a family photo on her Instagram post while celebrating Christmas in 2020.

She mentioned in the captions that there was, in fact, a silver lining to the pandemic, and that was getting to spend an uninterrupted Christmas day with her loved ones.

She captioned the photo:

The upside of the pandemic is spending an uninterrupted Christmas day with these goofy, smart, creative, caring, and truly amazing people. I love them all to the moon and back again – and then to infinity and beyond.

Michael Cudlitz and his family celebrating Christmas in 2020 [Photo: Instagram]

It can be clearly seen in the above picture that Michael and Rachael are celebrating Christmas with their son and daughter. Since they had welcomed twins, could it be one of their boys transitioned?

Furthermore, as per Google Search, Michael has two children: a son named Max and a daughter named Isabelle Cudlitz. Unfortunately, neither Michael nor his wife have come forward and addressed the issue.

Michael and his wife have now been together for over a decade as a married couple.

They have maintained a healthy relationship for all these years—a rather rare sight for Hollywood couples. The lovely duo are currently enjoying their conjugal life by spending quality time together.