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Zahn McClarnon Wife: Does He Have Any Kids?

Suyasha Rupakheti


Zahn McClarnon, known for his roles in the Western crime drama series Longmire and the second season of Fargo and Westworld, was granted the lead role in the AMC series Dark Winds.

Dark Winds is based on Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn & Chee novel series.

Zahn’s character has been loved by many, so people have shown keen interest in his personal life. However, despite being in the limelight, the actor prefers to keep details of his love life private.

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Zahn Lives a Private Life

Zahn McClarnon has, unsurprisingly, garnered a considerable following on his social media ever since he found fame. But, despite his success in such a public-facing industry, he has mastered the art of secrecy.

This is why the information regarding Zahn’s wife remains a mystery. There could be two possibilities for why the information about the actor’s other half has not yet been divulged.

Either, it could be that the actor is busy with his acting gigs and is only focusing on honing his skills. In order to reach new heights of success, he might feel it more important not to divert his attention to relationships and such.

Or, it could be that Zahn is protecting his loved ones from media scrutiny. Once a person gets popular, it becomes challenging to maintain a private lifestyle.

In order to protect his other half from unnecessary rumors and paparazzi and maintain her privacy, the Dark Winds star might be keeping the details of his relationship to himself.

Zahn McClarnon’s Wife In Reel-World

Although the information regarding Zahn McClarnon’s spouse in real life remains a mystery for now, the same can’t be said for his love story in the reel world. His character in Dark Winds, Joe Leaphorn, is a married man.

In the show, Deanna Allison plays the role of Emma Leaphorn, Joe’s spouse. McClarnon’s reel-life wife in the show is described as a strong woman with good intuition who works as a midwife.

Emma and Joe, however, do not have any kids.

Deanna Alison portrays the role of Zahn’s character, Joe’s wife. (Picture: Instagram)

Besides Emma, Zahn’s character is also attracted to an anthropologist, Louisa Bourebonette. They met while working on a case in Coyote Waits, the tenth crime fiction novel in the Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee Navajo Tribal Police series.

While Emma is the love of Joe’s life, he also enjoys Louisa’s company and her sharp mind.

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Zahn Enjoys Exploring Various Roles

In Dark Winds, the showmakers took some licensing. In the books, Zahn’s character does not have a son who has passed away or a son at all. Thus, they took some creative licenses to make a few changes.

Similarly, in the books, there is no mention of the family dynamic with the wife. His roles vary, and that variety is something Zahn enjoys.

Talking to The Aure View, McClarnon revealed that he had enjoyed every role he has ever played. He has started to enjoy patriarchal roles.

Zahn McClarnon enjoys every role he takes. (Picture: Instagram)

Zahn also added, “Having a daughter or a son, and exploring that more, because I don’t have that in real life. I don’t have an immediate family, so exploring those roles are exciting.”

Well, this much is for certain, Zahn doesn’t have kids of his own, but the impossible mystery of him having (or not having) a wife remains.