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Zac Oyama Introduced His Wife On Instagram

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Zac Oyama first introduced his wife, Phoebe Neidhardt, back in March 2017 through an Instagram post. Albeit, she was only his girlfriend at the time. She has been a regular on his feed ever since.

Then in November 2019, Oyama shared a picture of his lovely girlfriend looking at the food and grinning. “People warned me about dating a professional bowler but here we are 3 years later,” he captioned the post.

He revealed that he had been dating the American actress since 2016 and had been together for three years at the time.

Zac Oyama and his girlfriend, Phoebe Neidhardt [Photo: Instagram]

While Oyama revealed her photo in March, Neidhardt had already shared his picture back in January 2017. She shared a black-and-white image where they were having a double dinner date.

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Zac Oyama And Phoebe Neidhardt Eloped For Their Marriage

Later in 2020, Oyama posted a photo of them doing photoshoots atop a hill.

The view was incredible. The sun was rising, and they were standing above the clouds and looking down from the hill.

He just captioned it with one word, ‘Eloped.’

Going by the fact that the boyfriend was dressed in a black suit and the girlfriend in a white dress, and of course, the caption, it might not be a stretch to assume that the couple had a private ceremony to exchange vows.

Zac Oyama and Phoebe Neidhardt eloped to get married [Photo: Instagram]

Only after six months would the followers get a proper confirmation of the wedding in October of 2020.

In April 2021, Oyama put up an Instagram post of his wife and quipped that he had been married for six months and “lost in the forest for 4,” referring to the green backdrop of the forest that his wife was posing against.

The couple was happily and definitely married but never publicly shared their wedding photos.

Zac Oyama shared his wife’s photo after six months of their marriage [Photo: Instagram]

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Meet Zac Oyama’s Wife: Phoebe Neidhardt

Phoebe Neidhardt, the wife of Zac Oyama, is an actress who came into the spotlight after her breakthrough role in Silicon Valley in 2014.

The actress’s real name is Phoebe Matilda Neidhardt, and she was born in the county of Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, on January 19, 1987.

Neidhardt was raised along with her sister in California by her father. Neidhardt has worked in various movies and TV shows after starting a career as an actress.

But mainly, she was known for her role in Silicon Valley, Scandal, and When We Rise. After Silicon Valley, she was an instant hit.

Later her appearances in the movies like Scandal and When We Rise helped her establish stardom.

Who is Zac Oyama?

Zac Oyama is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is mainly known for his appearance in the comedy series CollegeHumor Originals. Oyama is also the primary writer of the series.

Before appearing on CollegeHumor, Oyama was a production assistant on a hugely successful comedy series, Key & Peele.

Zac Oyama [Photo: Instagram]

Zac Oyama was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on August 22, 1987. The actor is now 35 years old as of 2023. His father was mainly from Japan but later moved to the United States.