Erika Ishii’s Current Partner: She Had a Boyfriend of Six Years

Himal Ale Magar

Erika Ishii is currently dating her partner, Lyra Levin, a circus performer. She was previously in a 6-year relationship with Teagan Morrison


Lily Chee’s Parents Are No Longer Together, or So It Seems

Suyasha Rupakheti

Fans have stated Lily Chee's parents are not together. She is one of the three children of her father, Max Chee, and her mother, Rebecca Chee.


Novi Brown and Her Soon to Be Husband Malcolm Cook’s Love Story

Dinesh Shrestha

Novi Brown is currently in a relationship with her to-be-husband Malcolm Cook. He is a talented photographer and videographer.


Michael Shelford and Antonia Thomas’ Relationship- Was He Really Her Partner?

Himal Ale Magar

Antonio Thomas revealed she has a partner and has been linked with a guy named Michael Shelford. Know why. Also, learn more about Shelford.


Stefanie Martini’s Partner Had to Take Medication for Depression in Her Early Teens

Prasiddha Gautam

Learn more about Stefanie Martini's partner, El Wood. See how long the duo has been dating alongside their loving relationship.


Ruth Bradley Has Kids: Who Is Her Partner Though?

Bimal Waiba

People are curious about Ruth Bradley's relationship details. Find out who is the father of her children as she sometimes posts her partner.


Madeleine Madden And Her Boyfriend: Have They Broken Up?

Bimal Waiba

Madeleine Madden was in a relationship with her boyfriend Jack Rule. However, the breakup rumors have sparked. Find out more.


Lizze Broadway’s Boyfriend Almost Destroyed Their Relationship

Himal Ale Magar

Take a look at the relationship between Lizze Broadway and her boyfriend Tanner Buchanan. See why they had to break up previously.


Alexis Louder’s Relationship with Her Boyfriend

Nizz Sharma

Did you know Alexis Louder previously had a partner? See what happened between them and learn more about him.


Adina Porter Has Had Two Husbands And Is Divorced Once

Prasiddha Gautam

Did you know Adina Porter has been married twice? Learn about the divorce from her first husband and her children with her second spouse.

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