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Faizon Love Called His Wife A ‘Wombat’

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Faizon Love called his wife a “Wombat” after she exploited their child for a ransom.

The comedian was having a legal battle with the mother of his daughter in court.

On June 2021, in an interview with Vlad TV, he accused her of holding the child for ransom and referred to her as a “Wombat.”

Faizon Love’s Wife Got Custody

The Cuban-born American actor was amazed at how she managed to pull off getting exclusive custody of their child adding she was not even American.

The comedian even went as far as to call her an “illegal alien” on camera.

At the time of the interview, Faizon confessed that it had been about a year since he last saw his daughter. The doting father was lamenting about how he was missing precious time with his daughter.

He also hinted at the legal system having a bias and claimed the court made it difficult for fathers to seek a presence in their children’s lives.

On July 2021, he posted a signboard of a lady holding a toddler crossed out with a red line and read “No Wombat Zone.”

In the caption, he wrote, “Say No! too Extortion. [sic]”

Circling back to the interview, Faizon said that the wife was making it difficult to meet his daughter.

He was against his wife for child support at the time; what’s more, he also worked on the animated movie F*ck Child Support.

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Faizon Love Dissed on Wife in Animated Movie

The Cuban-born American actor also worked on the animated movie F*ck Child Support, released in 2021. The animated film starred Michael Blackson, Faizon Love, Bizzy Bone & Jason Dbks.

In the same interview, he was asked, “Are you working on an animated film called F*ck Child Support?”

The comedian replied: “We’re trying to put together something because I’m going through this with my wombat.”

Faizon Love [Source: Instagram]

In addition, they are endeavoring to expose how “men have no rights in court” when it comes to child custody.

Towards the end of the conversation, he, for all intents and purposes, gave a shout-out to his excellent lawyer Tiffany Craig, who was engaged in a legal battle with his wife.

Love also shared his animated movie poster on an Instagram post, and everyone was excited to watch it. Some users on Instagram even suggested he work on BaBa Kids 2.

As the legal battle was being drawn out in court, Faizon told everyone to choose the mother of their child wisely.

Faizon Preaches Caution

On October 2021, Faizon exposed his wife’s identity on Instagram and captioned the post:

Be very careful who you have kids with…the devil has many faces and this is one of them…

With the hashtag wombat and free my daughter, Faizon suggested everyone be careful while choosing the child’s mother and revealed his former partner’s name, Tiffany Tichera Lee..

One user commented, “Don’t talk like that about my cousin, bro. She got her own nice house and a good job done talk like that. She is a good woman.”

While another one commented, “I hope it gets better.”

Well, Faizon doesn’t talk about his personal life a lot. However, during a talk with VladTV, he revealed that singer Fantasia kissed him in front of his wife, that too on his lips. Humorously, he pointed to her after getting a small peck, and the singer then kissed Faizon’s wife too, and walked along.

As previously mentioned, the comedian hadn’t seen his daughter for one year. However, he was eventually reunited with his daughter.

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Faizon Reunited With His Daughter

Later, in 2022, Faizon reunited with his daughter. He let his joy be known through frequent posts featuring his baby girl on his socials. According to one of his posts, her name is Archy.

In February 2022, he posted a picture of his kid in an Instagram post to showcase the life of a daddy’s princess. In the photo, his lovely girl was seated on a chair holding the pamphlet, and he was tying her hair.

Faizon Love daughter [Photo: Instagram]

The Cuban-born American is now raising his little one after a legal battle with the child’s mother.

Recently, on May 8, 2023, he shared the adorable daughter’s video in an Instagram po. There, she could be seen requesting everyone to come see her dad.

“Come to see my daddy at the Ice house Saturday,” the comedian’s daughter said in the video.

Well, it has been quite some time now since Archy has been appearing on his Instagram. Could it be he has got some visitation rights?