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Nadia Hilker’s Partner Is an Entrepreneur

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Nadia Hilker and her on-screen partner, Eleanor Matsuura, created a buzz in social media. The partners in The Walking Dead series have shared intimate scenes.

Now that the cameras have stopped rolling, fans have been left to wonder if there was something more to the kiss and if Nadia Hilker is gay.

Well, Hilker has actually been dating a male partner, an entrepreneur named Joe Butler.

Nadia Hilker’s Real-Life Partner Is a Guy

Although Nadia shared an intimate romance with her on-screen partner Eleanor, in her real life, she has been publicly dating a German guy.

According to the actress’ Instagram posts, she is in a relationship with Joe Butler, whose Instagram name reads only Joe(joey_rcks).

Based on his recent Instagram post, it seems Joe is also a fan of the TWD series.

There is no official news from The Walking Dead or any of its associates to confirm that Joe was one of the zombie characters.

There might be a possibility he face-painted himself as a zombie. He might have been a fanboy of the famed series and simply wanted to be part of it.

Nadia and her boyfriend Butler have been together for some time. They don’t really shy away from public displays of affection. Albeit, neither of them put up posts on the regular.

Nadia Hilker and her partner Joe [Photo: Instagram]

The gorgeous actress’s partner, Butler, is a Harvard alumnus and an entrepreneur based on his LinkedIn profile. He also has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in business administration degree from the University of St. Gallen.

For now, the couple seems to be cherishing their relationship and having fun when possible.

Joe Is the Founder and CEO of Slash Digital

Nadia’s beau founded the full-service digital agency and has been the CEO since January 2016. It delivers progress through neuro-science-based digital marketing and is based in Munich.

This is not the first company Joe founded. He first started SmartKards UG and then founded SEM4Equity and Racks & Rookies later on.

Alongside that, Joe has also worked in multiple companies. He has worked in the Online Marketing – SEO department of Scout 24 Holding GmbH and also at HLKB Deutschland GmbH as a shareholder,

He has also been the CEO of Supernaturals GmbH previously.

It is evident that Joe has gained tons of experience over the years.

Before Joe, Nadia’s boyfriend was Mark Herbig. Currently, he is the Co-Founder & Director of Strategic Accounts at the Koolzone Tracking Systems GmbH.

Nadia Hilker & Reel Life Partner Eleanor Matsuura Lobbied for a Kiss

In an interview with Dailystar, Hilker shared that she enjoyed being a part of The Walking Dead, in part because of the diversity, be it in terms of race or gender.

She even gushed about how when the actors sat down for lunch, they could see every skin color and every race across their table, which made it all feel more like the real world.

While being a part of such an inclusive franchise gave Hilker immense joy, she wanted to go the extra mile.

Nadia Hilker and her reel partner Eleanor Matsuura [Photo: Instagram]

“We’re desperately trying to make them allow us so we can finally have a real kiss – but it’s huge to be part of something like that.” said The Walking Dead starlet.

During the shooting of the series, the German actor and her Japanese-American partner tried to convince the show writers. The actors wanted to make their kissing scene longer so that the actors could show more aggression in their relationship.

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Hilker & Her On-Screen Partner Proud to Represent the LGBTQ+ Community

Thankfully, unlike the other LGBTQ+ relationships in the show, Nadia and her partner had a happy ending. Both the creators and the audience were delighted by how it all worked out for the best.

The Walking Dead posts about Nadia and Matsuuro’s happy ending in the series [Photo: Twitter]

As reported by Digitalspy, the German Actress’s partner, Eleanor, said they fought very hard to include the kiss scene, which would strengthen their relationship on-screen.

Because of the kissing scene, the Japanese-American actress felt proud to be representing the LGBTQ community. She felt happy and added that she was delighted to represent the community and urged other TV shows and media to do the same.