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Billy Tolley Is Enjoying a Blissful Marriage Life With His Wife

Dinesh Shrestha

TV personality Billy Tolley is married to his lovely wife, Diana Tolley. The pair are also proud parents of three children.


Mireya Mayor’s Over-a-Decade Relationship with Her Husband

Prasiddha Gautam

Mireya Mayor has spent over a decade with her current husband Phil Fairclough. They have also welcomed a daughter together.


Jay Wasley and His Wife Divorced Due to Ghost Adventures

Bimal Waiba

Jay Wasley & his wife Ashley Richardson are divorced. One reason behind their divorce was Goatman's Bridge Investigation in Ghost Adventures.


David Bromstad’s Ex-Partner Had Filed a Law-Suit Against Him

Prasiddha Gautam

David Bromstad and his ex-partner Jeffrey Glasko's relationship didn't end well. After their break up, Jeffrey filed lawsuits against him.


Kardea Brown Was Emotional after Her Soon-to-Be Husband’s Proposal

Prasiddha Gautam

See how overwhelmed Kardea Brown was when she was proposed by her now soon-to-be-husband Bryon Smith. Find out when is the wedding date.


Adam Glick’s Ex-girlfriend Has Already Married

Himal Ale Magar

The celebrity chef Adam Glick’s former partner announced her engagement after moving on from him. She eventually shared the news ...


Ruby Tandoh’s Wife, Leah Pritchard, Has Strange Anxieties Surrounding Abandonment

Prasiddha Gautam

Find out what kind of anxieties does Ruby Tandoh's Wife, Leah Pritchard, has. Learn how they met and Ruby's rumors surrounding Paul Holywood.


Marc Lamont Hill Got Married to Wife Melissa M. Valle

Dinesh Shrestha

Marc Lamont Hill and his wife Melissa M. Valle finally got married. They had welcomed a child a year ago. Know more about her.


Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke’s Wedding Was Postponed for a Year

Dinesh Shrestha

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's wedding was postponed due to COVID. Did you know he once cheated on her? Take a look at their love story.


Jamila Norman and Her Ex-husband Had Bought a Craftsman House

Dinesh Shrestha

Did you know Jamila Norman was previously married? Learn some details about her husband. Also, find out how many children she has mothered.

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