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Set Da Trend’s Real Name: Truth Behind His Stage Name

Himal Ale Magar


Since his debut in the rap scene, fans have been curious about Set Da Trend’s real name. Fortunately, the rapper has shared details regarding his real name and stage name.

Set Da Trend is one of New York’s hottest rising stars, lighting the streets with his music. His collaborations with artists like Dougie B, C Blu, and Yagi B had put him on the map of the rap scene.

His Real Name Unveiled

According to DCR L.L.C, Set Da Trend’s real name is Jeremiah Dixon, and he is from the Bronx, New York. Growing up, the rapper was influenced by hip-hop stars, including legends such as Fat Joe, Grandmaster Flash, and KRS-One.

Eventually, by the age of 19, Set Da Trend became a prodigy as he brought the Bronx energy to the NY drill music. As he earned his reputation, the artist dropped multiple music videos which have not got millions of views on YouTube.

Set Da Trend’s Real Name Is Jeremiah Dixon [Photo: Set’s Instagram]

His unique voice in the hip-hop industry helped him establish himself. The artist took the world by storm with his single “Get Home.”

The song featured a beat with catchy drum sequences that back up the rapper’s chorus.

In addition, the musician shied away from his usual style in “Get Home” and used pensive bars to make the song more aggressive and energetic.

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The Rapper’s Friend Gave Him His Stage Name

In an exclusive interview with PPhilms, the artist talked about how he started rapping and the story behind his stage name.

During the session, the rapper shared that he used to call himself Young Bull but realized he could not use the name.

So, his friend Blood Diamond recommended him the name Set Da Trend because he was setting new trends.

Besides, regarding his upbringing, it was revealed that the artist wanted to play basketball before pursuing his music industry career.

Eventually, he started listening to artists like YoungBoy and other older forms of hip-hop music, which influenced him as an aspiring rapper.

Went Through Hardship

Everything was excellent, calm, and collected for the rapper. Growing up in 187th Street, his friends gravitated towards the streets while others pursued music.

At a young age, he got in trouble as he was charged with robbery. However, he left it all behind and found a new meaning in his life through rapping.

Sadly, tragedy soon struck the aspiring musician; at 17, he lost his father to diabetes.

His dad was one of the most influential men in his life. So, it made Set The Trend focus and provide for his family, who are of Dominican and Trinidadian heritage.

Fortunately, the rapper made it big as his collaboration with Kay Flock on the single “Whisper” became a hit piece.

Further, he has now featured with many rappers on their songs like C Blu’s “No Ozone” and Dougie B’s “EOS.”

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Raised His Son and Best Friend’s Daughter

The artist had a best friend, Nazzy, who sadly passed away. He vented his emotions about the reality around him in the song “Get Home.”

He said, “The beat was perfect for me and the situation I’m going through.”

Further, the artist revealed that he was taking care of Nazzy’s daughter alongside his son from his ex-girlfriend Mabel.

Set Da Trend Is A Father Of One [Photo: Set’s YouTube]

However, the two are not together and have broken up because Mabel was accused of cheating the rapper.

Set Da Trend now spends most of his time in the studio honing his skills. Additionally, he fulfills his fatherly duties by interacting with his son and playing video games.