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Tylan Grant Undergone Through a Life-Changing Surgery

Dinesh Shrestha


The English actor Tylan Grant thanked his supporters in April 2023 while revealing that he was undergoing a transition surgery in the hospital.

The talented actor, who portrayed Brooke Hathaway in the British soap opera Hollyoaks, described the excitement he felt as he anticipated the procedure.

He first came out as non-binary in 2020. In April 2021, he changed his name and pronouns on Instagram and later acknowledged he was transgender.

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Removed Unwanted Breast Tissue from Surgery

The 21-year-old actor had undergone a life-changing surgery that focused on removing unwanted breast tissue.

Grant changed the name to Tylan in 2021 after disclosing they were non-binary. In April 2021, he confirmed he was trans-masculine.

Tylan initially used he/they pronouns, and in 2022, he declared that they would be switching to the pronouns he/him.

In April 2013, the actor took to social media to update on how the surgery went and thanked netizens for their love.

Grant shared two pictures lying on the hospital bed wearing a surgery gown. He said, “There’s so much that I could say pertaining to the ubiquitous love and appreciation I feel towards everyone who has supported me on this ongoing journey and the joy I’m experiencing right now.”

He continued, “But I’m not sure words can do justice to my feelings, so I’ll just drop these pics instead.”

Grant concluded, “To my trans family~euphoria and liberation is our birthright.” He asked them to never give up on it and said their happiness was worth it.

Hospitalized after Being Bullied Repeatedly

In an interview with the Express, Tylan Grant’s parents spoke out about his horrific bullying experience.

Sadly, Grant was hospitalized after becoming mentally ill due to the torture he faced at school.

His mother, Carrie Grant, explained one of the things they wanted to accomplish as a family was to demonstrate how bullying affected them.

She said in more detail, “[sic] So Talia, our child who is 18 years old and is in Hollyoaks, they were really badly bullied to the point where it made them mentally ill.”

Tylan was unable to flee the bullies, according to Carrie. While he was in the hospital, they kept harassing him online.

Tylan Grant wished his dad happy birthday [Photo: Instagram]

Tylan’s parents tried to get the school to do something. However, they did so little that they thought this was to be a multi-pronged attack.

David, his father, asserted that he thought every parent was now aware of how bullying had evolved.

“It’s not just something that’s left in the playground anymore, it goes on and on,” he explained. Carrie also said that it was really awful and couldn’t stop them from doing it because it was happening online.

Carrie shared Tylan’s inspiring defense against bullying following her ordeal.

She revealed, “[sic] One of the things that Talia, if they were here, would say is ‘If I love myself, that’s the biggest resistance that I can have for bullies is to continue to love myself.”

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Responded to Rude Comments through Social Media

Tylan responded to rude comments saying, “Watching one of the biggest trans celebrity out there getting crazy amounts of rude comments on their face.”

Further, he added, “Body is crazy depressing to watch as a trans guy :/ idk I had hope for a second.”

Tylan Grant responded to rude comments [Photo: Twitter]

In January 2023, he tweeted, “Interesting how when I had they/them pronouns, it was “too hard” for people to understand and use, but now that my pronouns are he/him, almost everyone EXCLUSIVELY uses they/them for me…?????”