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The Narnia Queen Georgie Henley: What Is She Doing Now?

Dinesh Shrestha


Georgie Henley is now 28 and still working as an actress, and her new thriller series, The Diplomat, released in April 2023, completed its first season successfully.

Initially, she garnered a massive fan following by playing the fictional character Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia film franchise. The actress was just eight years old at that time.

When the movie premiered, Georgie was only ten years old. Now, she has appeared in several movies and TV series.

In addition, she also published her book, Amphibian, in 2022.

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Georgie Came Out with ‘The Diplomat’

Taking a short break from the screens, Georgie Henley is back now with her new thriller Netflix series The Diplomat, released in April.

Portraying the character Pensy, an assistant at Winfield House, she gave a powerful performance per usual.

Henley shared her new series poster on her Instagram profile, sharing some details with the netizens.

“Smart, sexy political intrigue, you say????,” she penned. “I feel very lucky to be a chess piece on this sensational board created by showrunner extraordinaire Debora Cahn.”

Explaining further, she added that she was in awe of Cahn and the amazing cast and crew, who were exceptionally talented.

Georgie Henley came out with new series after taking a short break from acting [Photo: Instagram]

The Diplomat out now on Netflix,” she wrapped up the caption. Nevertheless, people were excited to watch her new series.

After viewing the post, one user commented, “I absolutely GASPED out loud while watching bc I wasn’t expecting to see you in this! Your scenes are my favorite, and I couldn’t get over how STUNNING you looked in all of them!”

Another user penned, “congratulations. Happy to see you on screen again.” Someone already watched half of it and said, “Halfway through and loving the show, and you.”

The series successfully completed one season after eight episodes. It also garnered a good review from the audience.

Narnia Actor with Necrotizing Fasciitis Disease Thanks to Addenbrooke’s

Georgie Henley shared her experience of going through a necrotizing fasciitis disease (also called flesh-eating disease) in October 2022.

Henley was just eighteen years when she had to face the problem. It’s a rare and punishing infection that nearly claimed her life and wrought havoc through her body.

She underwent grueling invasive surgery in order to prevent the amputation of her left hand and arm.

Later, she had to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery, resulting in a series of skin grafts and scars that she carries even now.

Georgie Henley shared her experience after going through flesh-eating disease [Photo: Instagram]

No doubt, it took a long time to heal from the pain, both physically and mentally. She had been upfront about her wounds in her personal life for nine years, but she had kept them completely hidden in any professional setting.

Henley had to cover her wounds with bandages or other covers, use makeup on camera and stage, and always wear long sleeves.

She also wore trousers so she could put her hand in a pocket.

Worried That Her Scars Would Prevent Her from Getting Work

While going through the pain physically and mentally, she was also worried about her professional life because of her scars.

The actress thought that her scars would prevent her from getting work. She said that there was no such thing as perfection.

However, she still had to live with the shame of feeling different, exacerbated by the expectations that came with beginning her career at a young age.

But her scars were not something to be ashamed of. They were, above all else, a reminder of her survival and a map of the suffering her body had experienced.

“They do not affect my capacity as an actor, and I’m proud to be a person who has visible scars in this industry,” she stated.

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Praised a Hospital for Its Exceptional Service and Care

Henley praised a hospital for its exceptional service and care after she contracted the flesh-eating disease.

“I would like to thank Addenbrooke’s hospital for their exceptional care,” she penned.

The actress thanked her family and friends for their enduring love and support through her most challenging times. She especially thanked her parents, who had weathered every storm with her—no matter how devastating.

She thanked her agents and the people who had employed her in the last nine years, who never saw her scars as a problem and respected her for who she was as a person and actor.

Georgie Henley [Photo: Instagram]

At last, she thanked every person who was reading the post and supported her and her works.

“It truly means more than you can know,” she wrapped up the caption.

Rumored To Have Had Boyfriends

Georgie Henley had been linked to a couple of guys in the past, as per Wealthypeeps.

The outlet claimed that she was rumored to be dating Luke Beward, who was also her co-actor in the movie Because of Winn-Dixie.

Supposedly, the couple met two years before they split in 2008. The actress’s second alleged relationship was with the TV series actor Keanu Pires.

However, the information still needs to be vetted by the actress. There is no information about their relationship or their break up.

As of this writing, the outlet claims that the actress is single.