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The Iconic Jacqueline Bisset: What Is She Doing Now?

Himal Ale Magar


The charming Jacqueline Bisset is as iconic now as she was back in her glory days.

She continues to embrace style, humility, and substance in Hollywood, as evident from her latest release, Loren and Rose.

The indie drama was released in theaters in 2022, where Jacqueline plays the role of a legendary actress who wants to revive her career with the help of a promising young filmmaker.

In an interview with Forbes, the legendary actress said, “I didn’t know if I could do it. I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready.” Nonetheless, the actress expressed that after she read the script, she realized she was ready to take on the role.

Jacqueline Bisset [Photo: Instagram]

Further, Observer added it was Bisset’s greatest and most colorful role since Day For Night.

Additionally, the report claimed that it was a wonderful film, intelligently scripted, that succeeds on many levels, but most importantly, it honored the legacy of the gorgeous star.

Jacqueline’s Mesmerizing Performance In ‘Loren & Rose’

The legendary actress’ performance beamed with the help of her controlled brilliance of a true star. Jacqueline, who played the role of Rose in the movie, lived an expansive life and had stories to prove it.

She described the role as a self-discovery, which was important to her. The actress further added,

“I felt full. I was so happy to be saying Russell’s words, and I felt there was a great deal of truth to the story about the experience of being an actor over a long period — some of it good, some of it unpleasant.”

Jacqueline Bisset In Loren & Rose[Photo: Youtube]

According to the director, Russel Brown, the movie was a powerful collaboration and a tribute. He further added that when collaborators were in sync, it was like flying, and what Lauren and Rose were doing in the movie was flying together.

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What Are Other Latest Jacqueline Movies That Are Available Now?

Even at the age of 78, Jacqueline was able to enchant the big screen with her stunning performance. The actress has appeared in several new films apart from Loren & Rose, including Birds of Paradise, Blood Brothers, Very Valentine, The Lodger, and Head Full Of Honey.

Further, Jacqueline’s other movies include Asher with Ron Perlman and Here and Now with Renée Zellweger and Sarah Jessica Parker.

According to the report by Mansfield New Journal, Jacqueline said, “I didn’t have any scenes with Renée, but Sarah was lovely to work with, very charming and welcoming with a very strong work ethic.”

Jacqueline Bisset In The Lodger [Photo: Instagram]

Throughout her career, the stunning actress has worked in several movies with numerous prominent actors.

As a result, now Jacqueline is considered to be a Hollywood royalty. However, she had a different view on the topic. The actress expressed that she hated being treated like that. Rather, she liked to bring her experience and learning to the project and feel the same age as everyone she worked with.

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Was Jacqueline In A Relationship? Is She Married Now?

The Golden Globe winner Jacqueline Bisset has never married anyone because the actress believes she would have to cope with her partner’s bad habits as well.

Jacqueline further explained that she has not married because she believed she was too independent.

The actress had dated famous singer Franks Sinatra after starring together in the 1978 movie The Detective.

Additionally, reports from Daily Mail claimed Jacqueline had been in a relationship with several interesting men, including actor Vincent Pérez and dancer Alexander Godunov.

Jacqueline Bisset & Vincent Pérez [Photo: Instagram]

As per the same report, the actress said, “I’ve been in seven-year relationships three times and one 14-year relationship. It’s funny how it’s always seven. Sometimes you get too much information when you spend time with people. You start to see things – bad habits.”