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Ashley Gutermuth Said Her Spouse Was Not The One She Wanted

Bishant Giri


Ashley Guthermuth has a sense of humor when it comes to her spouse. Her husband is an Air Force specialist.

Ashley is fond of making jokes with her spouse, and his military career the punchline. Well, she doesn’t stop there. She also makes fun of her spouse’s age and her age difference.

The stand-up comedian has an age difference with her spouse.

Ashley Guthermuth performing her part as a stand-up comedian [Photo: Instagram]

When taken out of context, the jokes have a tendency to sound like a statement. Take her punchline about her husband not being the one she wanted to marry, for example.

She also made short jokes and posted them on her social media, and her fans reacted with the laughing emoji.

The Spouse Ashley Did Not Want To Marry – A Hoax

Based on the reports of 514 AMW, Colonel William H. Guthermuth is the commander of the 514th Air Mobility Wing, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey.

The stand-up comedian has not revealed her spouse’s face in the videos.

Once Ashley revealed her spouse in one of her Instagram videos — only the back part of his head. She captioned the video and wrote that she shaved his head, which was worth it.

Ashley Guthermuth revealed the back part of her Spouse’s head in her social feed [Photo: Instagram]

But then again, one cannot be a high-ranking military personnel and not have any pictures out in the public eye.

Here is a congratulatory post from the 514th Air Mobility Wing celebrating him as their next leader.

Ashley Gutermuth’s Brand of Humor

Ashley made jokes which were military-based. Her jokes often made sense to those whose better halves were in the military.

The stand-up comedian made jokes about her spouse and called him granddaddy. The sole reason for Ashley calling her husband a granddaddy should be their age difference. The couple has 20 year age difference between them.

In a Facebook video Mrs. Guthermuth posted on 29 April 2022, she joked that one of her father’s friends, Steve, who was much older than her, stopped appearing at her family parties. The reason for it was she laughed using his name, and she meant that she liked older men than her age.

In another Facebook video, she said that people told her to date men of her age, and her husband went mad when she dated a man of her generation.

Watching all the videos she made about her spouse being the focus, it appeared that her husband supported her and never commented on her videos – at least not on social media.

Ashley Spoke About Her Military Spouse

In accordance with Military, Ashley snowballed in her social handles. She often makes a different unique interpretation of her spouse and military humor.

Her social media posts scream laughter, mainly on her command of the craft, where she uses inside jokes from the military.

When asked how she qualified to make humor on military life, she replied that she is a military spouse and that is her certificate.

When questioned whether the stand-up comedian got any pushback from other military wifeys for the humor she created, Ashley replied there had been zero pushback.

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Her whole life, she had been treated like a silly wife and had never been taken on a serious note.

The exclusive interview raised a question about how her romantic story with William began. She replied that her husband was 20 years older than her.

She added that the couple were friends when they first met, and they went together for a few years and later got married.

Ashley additionally said she was the reason her spouse moved to the base in New Jersey—just because she wanted to be close to the New York comedy scene.

Ashley Guthermuth taking part in military spouse appreciation day [Photo: Instagram]

According to her social handle, Ashley has a fulfilling life beyond comedy. She makes frequent appearances for community-based activities and random military-based videos.