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It’s official! Sebastian Moy has a girlfriend—Gela Walter

Dinesh Shrestha

Sebastian Moy Gf 2023

It’s official! Sebastian Moy has a girlfriend. He made his relationship public through his Snapchat official account.

The influencer has been dating the beautiful Gela Walter. It’s still unknown when they started dating, but the couple made their relationship official now.

Sebastian and Gela shared their pictures on Snapchat frequently, where they were seen together in almost every recent video.

Sebastian Constantly Posted Girlfriend’s Videos And Pictures

The couple seems to be posting routinely on their Snapchat story. As of writing, just one day ago, both of them were featured in one another’s Snapchat story.

The influencer had put up a snap and a short clip of his girlfriend, mentioning that “she’s getting smarter.” While Gela posted a picture of him and captioned it “brunch date.”

Sebastian Moy and his girlfriend, Gela Walter, on a brunch date [Photo: Snapchat]

Gela also shared a video where she was singing a song and vibing in the car while he was just listening. The beautiful couple posted their pictures together daily.

They also went to Switzerland to celebrate the new year, and they had a great time together there, enjoying the scenery and delicious food.

Sebastian and Gela posted their pictures on Snapchat frequently. Although, the couple didn’t seem active on other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

Sebastian Moy’s girlfriend, Gela Walter [Photo: Snapchat]

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Fanpage Outed Sebastian Moy’s Girlfriend

While the couple has refrained from putting their relationship in the public eye, their fans have been shipping them for ages.

Fans were confused about their relationship previously, whether they were dating or just friends. It’s clear now that the adorable duo is boyfriend-girlfriend.

Although it has already been assumed by followers that the influencer dated Gela Walter, there was no concrete evidence linking the two. Still, one of their fan page Instagram accounts frequently posted pictures featuring the duo.

The users posted their pictures on Instagram continually. In one of the posts, they were seen bathing in the same bathtub.

Sebastian Moy and his girlfriend, Gela Walter, at the gym [Photo: Instagram]

When the fan page posted their bathing picture, one of the Instagram users asked, “Where did you find these photos,” while another user replied, “They posted on Snapchat.”

Fans who follow either of the two on Snapchat were most likely aware of the romance. Sebastian is a famous personality who is widely known for his funny videos.

The influencer commands a respectable following on the short video-sharing platform TikTok. He also started to create content on YouTube at a young age.

Understandably, he has been under the watchful eye of netizens for a while now. This is why netizens know he was in a relationship with the actress Dylan Conrique prior to dating Gela Walter.

Sebastian Moy Was In a Relationship With Dylan Conrique

Sebastian had been in a relationship with the now-actress, Dylan Conrique. The couple fell in love with each other at a young age and broke up not much later.

Dylan Conrique was initially impressed with his cute and funny behavior.

On December 2018, the couple did a Q&A about their relationship, where they answered the question from fans. In the video, he mentioned that he was shy and introverted before he started to appear on social media.

When he began to express his personality on a screen, it helped him a lot to open up. The young couple was asked about their favorite movie, where Dylan’s favorite movie was Maze Runner, whereas Sebastian’s favorite movie was Pete’s Dragon.

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Sebastian Moy Uploaded Break Up Video

On December 2018, he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘We Broke up.’ He made a request to his fans in the video and asked them not to hate her, affirming that it wasn’t her fault.

He wanted to inform everyone that their relationship ended with mutual understanding. He thanked her for being his first incredible girlfriend.

“You’re smart, funny, beautiful, talented and just overall an amazing person,” he said in the video. Further, he said they rushed into their relationship but later realized they should have taken time.