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Dustin Hurt’s Gold Rush Success: Unveiling the Astounding Net Worth He Has Amassed

Dinesh Shrestha


Reality television star Dustin Hurt has amassed considerable net worth through the Television series Gold Rush.

Besides this, Dustin Hurt was a construction worker and a wildland firefighter. So, he had earned a respectable sum of money from his previous job as well.

Dustin featured in Gold Rush’s second season. Unfortunately, his team couldn’t mine as much gold as they had expected that season. Later, their fortune turned up in season 3 when they mined an estimated $250,000 in gold.

As a result, many viewers of the television series ponder how much Dustin’s net worth is.

After a successful season on the TV show, Fred (his father) and Dustin Hurt also launched their own show, Gold Rush: White Water.

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Dustin Hurt’s Net Worth Is Approximately $1 million

Dustin Hurt gained millions of followers and a staggering net worth from the show. As per Celebrity Net Worth, the reality television star has amassed $1 million in net worth.

More details regarding the precise location of the funds or the portion of his net worth that came from mining are unclear. He has also grabbed a considerable amount of money from his previous job.

As per ZipRecruiter, the average salary of the wildland firefighter is $33,686 per year.

Dustin thought wildland firefighter was the best job.

“That was just the best job a human being could ever have kept me in shape, and it was exciting,” Dustin said of his former profession.

Dustin Hurt
Dustin Hurt [Photo: Instagram]

Later when he started gold mining, his thought eventually changed. He said, “I used to think that firefighting was the best job I’d ever have. I was wrong. Gold mining is better.”

In 2018, Dustin and Fred launched Gold Rush: White Water. From then, Dustin and his crew members risk everything on gold claims that are located farther into the wilderness of Alaska than ever before.

Dustin Hurt hasn’t clarified how much he earned from the Television show per episode. Reportedly Dustin is believed to make money about $50,000 per episode. 

Dustin Hurt Strikes Gold: A Look at His Remarkable Findings

Being a miner in a gold rush is no joke, with all those skilled competitors working their way to hit the jackpot. Undoubtedly, the job required extra effort and talent.

During the expedition in Gold Rush: White Water, his father Fred and the Dakota team were able to find almost 12 ounces of gold worth at least 17 thousand dollars.

Dustin Hurt returns to the rushing water in search of gold [Photo: Instagram]

That was pretty good but nowhere compared to Dustin Hurt. The 45-year-old miner was able to find a total of 33.6 ounces of gold nuggets beating his father.

The total precious metal found by the father-son-duo was the show’s highest ever recorded.

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Dustin’s Father Introduced Him To the ‘Gold Rush’

The reality television star worked as a construction worker in New Orleans until he turned 24.

Then he moved out, spent nine years in East California, and became a wildland firefighter. Unexpectedly, his father offered him a position in Alaska digging for gold at some point.

Initially, Dustin thought it was a weird thing to do. He could run the machines, so he decided to go to dig gold with his father.

Gold Rush White Water team members [Photo: Instagram]