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Bert Kreischer Has Done Multiple Weight Loss Challenge

Dinesh Shrestha


Over the years, Bert Kreischer has challenged himself to undergo weight loss multiple times. However, every time he shed some pounds, he’d immediately put them back on.

He’s not in denial about the fact that his drinking habit is what has prevented him from losing weight. Just last year, in 2022, he competed in a weight loss challenge with his pals.

Kreischer Thought He’d Outgrown His Mouth

In an episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura, the American comedian said he had gained so much weight that he had outgrown his mouth.

In his words,

“I outgrew my mouth. My mouth when I was younger was humongous. And then I got so fat that now it’s this tiny little [expletive] mouth. I [expletive] hate my [expeltive] face. Do you know what it’s like to look in the mirror?”

Now, keep in mind, Kreischer is not one to back out of a weight loss challenge; he will accept the challenge, as he did in that podcast episode.

He even convinced Nadav, one of the podcast’s producers, to become each other’s accountability partners for their diets in the same episode.

To make sure they were both on pace to lose weight, Kreischer and Nadav decided to text and share images of their food.

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He also set a goal of 230 pounds. Furthermore, the comedian also shared with Segura why he wanted to put more effort into losing weight, saying he was tired of being fat.

The comic confessed that his relationship with alcohol was what kept him from losing weight. Every time he lost a few pounds, the booze would put it right back onto him.

“If I quit drinking, I’ll lose weight immediately,” he remarked.

Done Multiple Weight Loss Challenge

As previously stated, Kreischer has done multiple weight loss challenges with his friends. Back in 2022, during his Relapse tour, he and his friends put money on a weight loss challenge.

The rules were simple.

  1. For every pound the guys lose, they get fifty bucks.
  2. For every pound that The Machine lost, everyone got fifty bucks.

He wanted to incentivize his friends to help him lose weight. They did a bunch of activities besides the comic’s actual comedy sets in various parts of the country.

They even went to Joe Rogan’s gym when they were in Austin.

However, when all was said and done, the weight loss wasn’t so drastic. He started at 253 lbs and ended the trip with 252 lbs.

Bert Kreischer has done multiple weight loss challenges over the years [Photo: Instagram]

In 2017, he had contended against Segura, who could lose the most weight. Segura and his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, challenged him after claiming that his stomach resembled Gerard Depardieu’s.

Moreover, the losers had to pay for a winter trip chosen by the winner and shave their beard.

Later, Ari Shaffir (American Comedian) made the challenge more intriguing. He promised to cover their travel costs if Kreischer and Segura’s BMI fell below the obesity threshold.

When the team finished the project, Shaffir was compelled to pay for their travel costs. Segura eventually won after losing six more pounds than Kreischer.

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He Was Offered $200,000 to Drop below 200 Pounds

The 50-year-old comedian enjoys going topless in the show despite his generous beer belly. Speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2022, he said his body was falling apart, and for good reason, mind you.

The comic was shooting for an eponymous movie, The Machine. For those who don’t know, he got the name after a comedy bit about him robbing a train with the Russian mob.

At the time of the interview, Kreischer had just started working out. Moreover, he had surgery done on his elbow.

Apparently, he did his own stunts in the movie, tackled a dude down a flight of stairs, and tore his triceps.

“I’m a year from surgery. I can now bench press my personal best. I’m back 100%.” he said.

Bert Kreischer [Photo: Instagram]

In his weight loss journey, Joe Rogan also challenged him with quite the prize. Rogan, a fellow comic and podcast presenter, made him an offer to lose weight and maintain it for a year in exchange for $200,000.

But he couldn’t do it because he couldn’t stand the idea of having Joe Rogan in his head every time he sat down for a meal.

Well, turns out the financial incentive wasn’t strong enough. He confessed that he would have taken up the challenge in a heartbeat if the reward was $10 million.