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Irv Gotti’s Father Passed Away In 2020

Dinesh Shrestha


The American DJ Irv Gotti’s father died on November 2020 at the age of 86. He kept the news of his father’s passing private, and only after two years he shared the saddening news through an Instagram post in 2022.

The DJ broke the news alongside a heartwarming father-son picture. He started by revealing: “2 years to the day. Since you left us.”

The message was for his father to hear, and the lengthy caption was almost like a letter. Gotti’s love for his father was infinite.

He wished him a Happy Father’s Day just five months before, even though the parental figure had already passed away. Albeit, no one really knew it at the time.

The American DJ mentioned in the caption that everyone knew how much his Dad meant to him.

Irv Gotti wished Happy Father’s Day to his father [Photo: Instagram]

He called his father his hero and inspiration. Gotti had shared his father’s picture frequently on Instagram.

Circling back to the heartbreaking news, Gotti, in the caption, talked to his father as if he was still there. The American DJ believed that his father could hear him.

Gotti was hopeful that the departed soul of his father was looking down on him and beaming with pride, with a smile on his face for Gotti and everyone else.

He also said that his mother, Nee Nee missed him a lot. “Nee Nee is good. She misses you the most, but we are all here for her,” he penned.

Irv Gotti and his mother [Photo: Instagram]

The American DJ couldn’t wait to meet his father as he very much wanted to talk to him.

At last, he said “Love You and Miss You Poppi,” and wrapped up the caption.

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Irv Gotti Asked Ashley To Paint Him And Father

Irv Gotti was getting a new townhouse and asked Ashley Martelle to do custom artwork. He wanted one of his favorite pics of him and Poppi (his father) painted. He wanted to hang it in the new residence.

He further mentioned that Ashley was truly talented and a fantastic artist. “She blew away me and my entire family,” told Gotti on the post. Even her mom couldn’t believe that the painting was so good.

He further said the custom painting was a welcome addition to his new apartment. The American DJ also commissioned another painting from Ashley and informed everyone that he would post it on IG.

 “And wait til y’all see the next 2 I’m getting from Ashley,” captioned the post.

The painting was so amazing that netizens started clamoring in the comments section; one user commented, “Great photo of you and your dad.”

While another user chimed, “that’s is a beautiful portrait.” Everyone showed love in the comment section, and every fan loved the portrait. It was an amazing piece of art done by Martelle.

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50 Cent Said to Irv Gotti’s Father, “Hurry up and die punk”

50 Cent wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, “Tell you daddy I said hurry up and die punk. Let’s get to it no more IG” after their fight on social media in 2016.

Initially, their argument started when 50 Cent’s onslaught against Meek Mill through social media revived G-Unit hate with Murder Inc. chief Irv Gotti.

Just two weeks before, the American DJ had offered Meek two cents after Mill had an argument in on Instagram with 50.

He also pointed out 50 Cent’s supposed order of protection against Murder Inc. during their conflict, saying he is “better at lies and bulls**t” than Meek.

50 Cents started shooting at Irv. He triggered Irv’s 82-year-old father as he celebrated his father’s birthday. Then 50 said to die to Gotti’s father.

In response to the post, Gotti also wrote a lengthy caption for his father’s honor in response to 50 Cents criticism of his father.