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Reel to Real Partner: Thorsten Kaye and His Wife Susan Haskell’s Love Story

Dinesh Shrestha


German-British actor Thorsten Kaye has been married to his beautiful wife, Susan Haskell.

From a fictional companion to a genuine partner, the couple successfully built their relationship and advanced it.

Since their union, Kaye and Haskell have been together for more than two decades. They first connected through the drama series One Life to Live, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Thorsten Kaye Met His Wife on ‘One Life to Live’

Thorsten Kaye met his wife, Susan Haskell while appearing on One Life to Live, where they played each other’s love interests.

Unlike his on-screen character, he is blessed with a very stable and happy relationship with his wife. Then the couple eventually started dating and married in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Thorsten and Susan are blessed with two beautiful daughters. Their first daughter, McKenna, was born in 2003, and their second, Marlowe, was born in 2007.

Kaye confirmed the rumors of his marriage while answering fan questions for Soap Opera Digest.

He acknowledged how people were constantly referring to Susan as his “life partner.” He affirmed the speculations.

“Susan is my wife. We were actually married,” he emphasized. “I’m not a church guy, but we did a thing on the beach a while back.”

He further explained why the news of his wedding hadn’t broken out into the public sphere. He confessed: “I don’t talk about it because I’m just a private guy.”

Thorsten Kaye’s wife, Susan Haskell [Photo: Facebook]

Meet Thorsten’s Wife, Susan Haskell

Susan was born on June 10, in Toronto, Canada. The actress started her modeling career at the age of 16 and was cast in several commercials while still in high school.

She attended Tufts University in Boston and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology there.

While at college, she enlisted in a drama course. Even though she didn’t immensely enjoy the class, she was captivated and decided to pursue a career in acting.

Susan continued to accept modeling assignments, which often took her to faraway places such as Italy, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan, besides the somewhat conventional national commercials.

The actress was also fluent in French. She also studied ballet for eight years. She then spent six years studying flute and piano at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music.

Her first professional appearance was in an episode of the popular TV show My Secret Identity. Shortly after, she featured in the film Strictly Business.

Then she went on to ABC-TV’s series One Life to Live and won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

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Exploring Thorsten Kaye’s Earlier Life

Thorsten was born in Germany but raised in England. From there, he again moved to the United States in 1985.

The United States International University awarded him a scholarship. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from there.

Further continuing his studies, he earned his Master’s Degree from Wayne State University in Theater and Theater History.

Because of his passion for the theatre, he starred in several stage production, including Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and many others.

Thorsten Kaye [Photo: Facebook]

Thorsten also received training from Bill Hobbs at the National Theatre in London. He booked his first daytime role on the drama One Life to Live as Patrick Thornhart.

There, he met his wife. He took a break for some time to pursue another role on television and stage.

In 2003, he returned to daytime television on Port Charles, portraying his former character’s brother Ian Thornhart.

From there, he earned two Daytime Emmy nominations. Over time, he appeared on several shows.

Kaye resides on the East Coast along with his wife, Susan Haskell, an Emmy-winning actress, and their children, Marlowe and McKenna,