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Unveiling the Truth: Is Bailey Sarian Married?

Dinesh Shrestha


Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez got engaged after dating one another for a few years. The social media influencer often flaunted her engagement ring on her Instagram.

Following the engagement, fans wondered if the makeup artist had already tied the knot. There were forums on Reddit that discussed her marital life.

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How Did They Meet?

Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez initially met when she was 18 years old. She had gone for a tattoo, and he gave Bailey her very first tattoo.

In an interview with IPSY, Valdez revealed that he convinced her to go out with him by painting her name in graffiti art. She saw it and was ultimately impressed with what he had done.

So, they kissed each other and have been inseparable ever since. Over the years, the couple’s connection has been incredibly strong.

Fernando Proposed to Bailey

Meeting in 2013, Valdez took his relationship with Sarian to the next step when he got down on one knee and proposed to her in May 2016. They were reportedly on the top of the Eiffel Towel when he proposed to her.

She announced the news of the proposal through her Instagram post, flaunting a shiny dark pink ruby ring.

Bailey Sarian’s engagement announcement post [Photo: Instagram]

In the caption, she said that the proposal was a surprise to her as she penned, “Yeah, I didn’t see that coming.”

Is Bailey Sarian Married?

Bailey Sarian and her fiance were together for almost a decade. So, many of their followers wonder if the couple was married.

Not only the guesses – some fans were even convinced that the pair had tied the knot through a secret wedding.

Fans took the topic on Reddit to discuss their marital status. One user penned that they could be legally married but waiting to plan a big wedding and make it socially official.

Bailey Sarian’s boyfriend, Fernando Valdez [Photo: Instagram]

Another user added maybe the couple married before their trip earlier. One user wished the theory was true, saying, “I hope that’s the case! So romantic.”

The same user even penned that “Google says they’re married, but last time Bailey talked about it in a video, she said they were engaged/Fern’s her fiancé? I’ve never asked because it’s personal, I guess! But good question.”

Furthermore, on another forum, one user mentioned, “They’re still engaged, as far as I know. 🙂 Bailey’s posted and said on social media in the past they’re not in a rush to get married, and I think if they did get married, or called it off, she’d say.”

The Wish to Get Married Never Got Fulfilled

Since the engagement, she made several videos wearing her engagement ring. Later she stopped wearing to wear the ring, which eventually left the fans to speculate about their breakup.

Even more, she had been less active than usual on her social media profile. Many fans speculated if they had broken up.

Fans’ speculation eventually came true when the social media influencer took to Twitter to announce her break up with her fiance.

Bailey Sarian announced her breakup on Twitter [Photo: Twitter]

In her now-deleted tweet, she wrote, “Hi. Fern and I broke up. I’ve needed some time to cry it out. But ya, it’s over. Happy 2022.”

Then a couple of days later, she penned, “Sorry I’ve been mia, I’ll give you a life update soon & no, I haven’t been okay but I appreciate you for asking. Brb.”

Unfortunately, those tweets have already been deleted.

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Bailey Requested Not to Send Hate Comments

After she announced her breakup with her long-term partner, upset fans began to send hate comments to him.

Responding to it, the social media influencer requested not to send any hate comments to him. “Please don’t be rude and send fern mean messages,” she requested.

Further, she said that she knew they always wanted there to be a “bad guy” in these situations, but she assured the netizens there really wasn’t one.

Bailey Sarian requests netizens not to send hate messages [Photo: Twitter]

She added that sometimes in life, they grow in different directions, and that was okay. She believed that there was a reason for them to meet and be together.

Sarian further said that it was time to figure some things out on their own. She would always love him and want nothing but love and happiness for him.

The influencer stated, “He deserves that, I deserve that, you deserve that.”

Fans Reacted to the Breakup News

Fans reacted to their breakup and supported the social media influencer in her hard time. Sarian’s Twitter followers generously supported her and left encouraging comments.

Fans even sent cute pictures and videos to make her feel better.

One user penned, “@BaileySarian I’m so so sorry. Here’s a pic of my cats to hopefully bring a bit of light to your day.”

To make her feel better, many netizens send pictures of smiling babies, pets, and others in the comment section.