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Are The Gay Rumors About Jake Canuso True? Is He Married?

Himal Ale Magar


The Swiss actor and dancer Jake Canuso is a private person who lives a life outside of the limelight. Because of his habit of keeping his personal matters low-key, fans can’t help but make speculation about his love life. One such instance is when they speculated about him being gay.

Fans Suspect Jake Canuso Is Gay

In the Digital Spy Forums, when discussing some closet gay celebs, one user wrote that after watching the actor in Loose Women, they had suspected Jake of being gay.

Another user added that Jake was a close friend of Louie Spence, who is a gay English dancer, and it might confirm rumors regarding his sexuality as well.

Jake Canuso [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, his fans were caught by surprise when the actor posted a picture of two guys sharing a kiss on his Instagram.

While it seemed like Jake was not either of the guys in the photo, it left his fans with many questions and speculations regarding his motive behind sharing the photo.

Additionally, Jake Canuso has also yet to reveal if he is in a relationship or about his previous partners.

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Jake’s Character Added Fire to the Rumors

One of the Swiss actor’s best-known roles is that of a sleazy barman named Mateo Castellanos in the hit series Benidorm. His character is the only Spanish character in the cast of the series.

Fans loved his role as Mateo created problems for the guest at the fictional Solana Resort. His character was known for his promiscuity and regularly seducing guests of the resort, regardless of their relationship status and gender.

After portraying his role perfectly, some fans even speculated about Jake being gay when the actor was caught in some compromising moments with Troy, who was gay in the series.

Regarding this, one of his fans commented on his Instagram post saying, “idk he might be bisexual cause in the first season of Benidorm, he hooked up with Troye.”

However, Jake has not made any comment on the matter.

Jake Canuso In The Set Of Benidorm [Photo: Instagram]

Canuso has been on Benidorm since it started in 2007. He had plenty of fond memories of playing Mateo.

The actor told The Daily Star, “One of my favorites is the matador scene with the dog chasing me, the dog was completely untrained and it all went wrong but they kept it in because Mateo looked like such an idiot.”

“Another time, I had to dress up in drag with Tim Healy’s character Lesley and run through the streets of Benidorm butt-naked,” said the Benidorm star.

Jake Canuso Feared He Wouldn’t Land the Role

In the same interview, Jake revealed that he feared wouldn’t get the job. The producers laughed at him during the audition, which caused him to leave the room anxious.

He admitted that despite being in the entertainment industry for a long time, he did not know what to expect in the comedy audition.

Jake Canuso As Mateo Castellanos [Photo: Instagram]

Jake said,

“Halfway through the audition they all started laughing. And me being the insecure actor that I am, well I just crumbled inside. I kept thinking, I’m so bad they are laughing at me. When you audition for a drama you don’t have people laughing at you. He added, So the fact that they’d laughed out loud, well, I took it as a criticism.”

However, to his surprise, he got the call within 24 hours for the role. It turned out the producers were laughing because they thought his comic timing was excellent.

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Jake Canuso: Career Highlights

Born on January 13, 1970, in Switzerland, Jake is a professional actor who has appeared in numerous films, including Russian Dolls, City Rats, Piccadilly Jim, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Additionally, he has made appearances in music videos such as ‘Don’t Give Me Your Life’ and ‘No More I Love You.’

Apparently, before his break-out as an actor, Jake was a backup dancer for the popular Spice Girls. The actor went on to perform on several tours with the groups and formed close relations with the members.

Being a part of the Spice Girls, fans speculated him to be gay. Also, he became friends with David Beckham, who later married Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham.

Jake Canuso With Victoria Beckham [Photo: Instagram]

The hunky actor was also the highlight of the reality TV show, Splash. He was one of the celebrities who competed in a diving competition. Apart from acting and dancing, Jake has also been featured as a model in Swiss calendars.

Jake has been doing well in his acting ventures. He might be earning well.