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Did Takeru Satoh Get Flash Married?

Himal Ale Magar


It is not unusual for celebrities in Japan to announce their marriage during the New Year holidays or at the year-end. Recently speculations regarding Takeru Satoh’s relationship surfaced as numerous reports claimed that he intended to get married in similar circumstances.

The popular Kamen Rider actor emerged as a candidate for what they called a rush-in or flash marriage. But who did the actor have in mind for such a commitment?

Takeru Satoh and Haruka Ayase Are Getting Married

According to the December 2022 report from Friday Digital, actor Takeru Satoh and Haruse Ayase were getting flash married.

Japan Story reported that the pair had been rumored to be a couple.

Speculation regarding their romance has been around since they collaborated in 2013 but gained further momentum as they appeared on Stepmother and Daughter’s Blues in 2018.

Additionally, regarding the speculations, Japanese media Weekly Woman also reported that the actress had plans to get flash married to Takeru Satoh at the end of the year 2022.

They have been spotted together on a few occasions. For instance, Takeru and Haruwa were spotted at Shinagawa Station back from filming Gibo to Musume no Blues.

Haruka Ayase [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, some of their fans were optimistic about their marriage rumors, as one user commented, “Himura Kenshin weds Ichi.. Their children are going to be the greatest swordsman/woman in Japan.”

Unfortunately, the couple has not made any announcement about their supposed wedding as of yet. Additionally, Takeru and Hayase have not made any comment if they were in a relationship or had any plans for the future.

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Takeru Satoh Got Married On-Screen With Tao Tsuchiya

The Japanese actor shocked his fans around the world as he walked down the wedding aisle with his bride. However, to their surprise, the wedding was not real but was a part of his on-screen romance in a movie.

The couple could be seen beautifully engaged with each other to promote a movie called The 8-Year Engagement. Actors Takeru Satoh and Tsuchiya Tao played an engaged couple who were scheduled to get married. However, it had to be postponed due to an onset of an unfortunate event that fell upon the couple.

Takeru Satoh And Tao Tsuchiya [Photo: YouTube]

The movie was based on the novel by Nakahara Mai and Nakahara Hisashi and directed by Zeze Takahisa. The story revolves around the couple scheduling their wedding ceremony in 3 months. But Mai, played by Tao Tsuchiya, fell into a coma and did not recognize her fiance.

Fans of the two actors were excited when their wedding picture got released. Further, they expressed their joy in seeing the couple together as one user wrote, “Wow Looks like It’s going to be beautiful…I’ll wait and see.”

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Takeru Sato And Mone Kamishiraishi Interacted Off-Screen

Takeru, who is famous for the movie series Rurouni Kenshin, played the role of a doctor in the Japanese Drama Love can last forever. His on-screen chemistry with Mone Kamishiraishi has been loved and adored by the fans. Consequently, any sort of interaction between the couple creates speculation among their fans.

The drama was adapted from the manga of the same name. The drama told the story of Sakura a rookie nurse who fell in love with Doctor Tendo, played by Takeru.

Further, to meet him again, Sakura studied to become a nurse, and after 5 years, when she finally met Tendo again, his personality had changed. Tendo was referred to as the devil at work and often made biting remarks to other nurses and doctors.

Regardless, Sakura worked hard to get recognition from Tendo and express her feelings. Eventually, Tendo also started to get attracted to Sakura.

Eventually, their perfect on-screen chemistry led fans to think that they had similar relationships off-screen as well. As per the report by iNews, the two kept in touch even after the filming of the drama. For example, Takeru invited Mone Kamishiraishi when his birthday celebration was broadcasted live on YouTube.

However, there were no signs that Sato and Mone were dating each other or that the two co-stars had any romantic relationship.