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Sophie Okonedo Claims to Be More Settled

Himal Ale Magar


Sophie Okonedo shared she enjoyed abundant time with her family when she was not working. She added she lived in Sussex and spent most of her time cycling with her husband.

Besides being a loving wife, the actress takes pride in being a doting mom to her children. So, how has her family life been so far?

Sophie Is Happily Married to Her Husband

As per the report by ELLE, Sophie met her husband, Jamie Chalmers, sometime around 2011. Her husband is a builder, and they moved into the house he designed and built near Glyndebourne.

The actress also acquired two stepchildren, Stan and Josie, and fulfilled her role as their stepmother.

Sophie Okonedo [Photo: YouTube]

The details regarding his previous marriage have not been shared with the public. In addition, the couple themselves has not revealed much information regarding their married life as well.

So, it is known when the pair tied their wedding knot. Regardless, the actress disclosed that she lived a happy life with her family.

In an interview with Evening Standard, Sophie revealed that she was more settled as her daughter, who worked as a personal trainer in Kensington, left home, her stepson almost left home, and her stepdaughter was 15.

She further said, “I have a stable home life, and I am just older. I don’t care as much if people like or dislike things.’ She grinned and added ‘Well, I do. I am sensitive and sometimes I feel like I have got no skin. That’s why I can’t ever read stuff about myself.”

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Sophie Was Previously Dating a Film Editor

Before getting married to her husband Jamie, the actress was previously in a relationship with an Irish Film editor Eion Martin. Her former partner is best known for his works in movies like Ten Minutes, Heists, and The Great Gardening Challenge.

She shares a daughter named Aoife Okonedo Martin with her former partner. In an interview with The Guardian, the actress described raising her felt a long time as her daughter turned 26 years of age.

She added, “I’m always feeling I should do everything differently. Being a parent is one of those things constantly filled with that feeling – which makes it hard to make a sentence out of it.”

Aoife is active on her official Instagram account, which has gained 5,857 followers as of this writing.

While talking with The Guardian, Sophie revealed that Dominic Cooke was her best friend. She also added Dominic was the godfather of Aoife, and he was the one who gave away Sophie at her wedding.

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Sophie Okonedo Spent a Holiday with Her Mystery Boyfriend in 2016

After the actress had finished filming Undercover, a BBC1 police drama, the broadcast company spent 5,000 pounds on her holiday with her boyfriend in 2016. BBC used license fee payers’ money to pay for the couple’s business class fight in South Africa.

Sophie and her boyfriend, a mystery man known only as John, shared a romantic break as they went whale-watching and wine-tasting in South Africa’s Cape Town. BBC flew him out to meet her following the shoot in Johannesburg so that they could share a romantic break.

Sophie Okonedo With Queen Elizabeth [Photo: Twitter]

Further, the actress requested BBC that they would like to fly out in the premium economy and back in business. Sophie appealed as she wanted to fly together with no extra expense to the production.

Moreover, Sophie’s daughter Aoife during the vacation, paid for her hotel and activities herself, reported Daily Mail. The report further claimed that it was also organized through a production company that was engaged by the BBC to lead its shoot in South Africa.

However, the action was opposed by Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen as he believed the company was providing super-perks for their stars and their family and friends.