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Nathan Webb Has Broken up with Kayleigh Rock, or So It Seems

Binesh Shrestha


Everything was going well for Nathan Webb. He and his partner Kayleigh Rock had even welcomed a daughter together in their relationship.

However, things fell apart because of his infidelity. He himself admitted to it, and since then, so much has happened to him.

Admitted to Cheating on Kayleigh

A couple of months ago, the Too Hot To Handle alum posted a series of stories stating he was taking a step away for a while to seek help.

He mentioned that he had lied, cheated, and hurt two people tremendously in the process. The 29-year-old no longer wished to live a life of lying and cheating. He wanted to seek help before it was too late.

Nathan also wanted to be a proud father to his daughter, which he wasn’t at that time.

Nathan Webb admitted to cheating. [Source: Reddit]

He stated two steps. The first one was admitting he had a problem, and the second was starting to understand why in his mind, he found it ok to cheat the people who meant the most to him.

The reality tv star further added that it wasn’t a pity post, he had a problem and needed to correct it. He also said that his focus needed to be his daughter, and he couldn’t continue hurting women as a father to a little girl.

Nathan concluded his story by admitting he was a liar and a cheater but refused to be it any longer.

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His relationship with His Baby Mama Ended

Before his appearance on season 2 of Too Hot To Handle, Nathan and Kayleigh were a thing. It is not known what prompted their break up, but the former pair rekindled their romance after Nathan’s debut on the series.

Since the baby’s arrival, the former pair often post about their little girl Kynlei Niyle. Nathan’s ex-partner had said that she would never get over how perfect their daughter was.

Nathan’s former partner and daughter. [Source: Instagram]

In October 2021, Nathan expressed via a now-deleted post that walking away from Kayleigh was one of his biggest mistakes.

As per him, Kayleigh was patient and forgiving, and he was also prepared to make necessary changes for his then-partner and their little one.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the new parents. When Nathan came forward and admitted cheating on his baby’s mother, fans were very quick to jump on the bandwagon.

A Reddit user revealed that Kayleigh was hurt by Nathan a while ago. They had stopped following, and she often posted heartbroken stories about true love. And during that time, he posted about Sofia Husein.

Then another user stated that Nathan had been public about his relationship with Sofia, but later on, both parties deleted all the contents of one another.

Well, now there is not even a single post of Nathan and Kayleigh being together. They just post photos of their daughter. So, could it be the couple implying they have already parted ways for good?

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Nathan Was Previously Married

In the Season 2 finale, Nathan opened up about a serious relationship that he was in. Sadly, he unveiled that he was betrayed by his former partner. And since then, he has been on a crusade against women. He had said, “You broke me, I’m gonna go out and break you.”

Nathan never thought that he would ever open up about his struggles, a failed marriage, heartbreak, hurt, and disloyalty.

According to Distractify, Nathan was previously dating a woman named Ashley Pursell. The ex-couple got engaged in January 2015 and walked down the aisle later that year.

Furthermore, there is a divorce record for a duo named Nathan and Ashley. The divorce paper was filed in August 2019, and they were officially divorced in March 2020.

However, it is difficult to confirm if it is about the same couple.

All in all, Nathan is possibly single for the time being. He is currently focusing on being a better dad to Kynlei.

It is evident from his social media handle that the daddy-daughter duo spends a lot of time together.