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Is Callie Russell Married? Here’s Who Her ‘Sweetheart’ Might Be



Callie Russell might be the star of Alone; still, she is anything but! Russell is blessed with a supportive family and a loving partner, who might even be her husband.

Hailing from Flathead Valley, Montana, Russell is an Ancestral Living Skills Instructor. Meaning she trains people to deepen their relationship with the all-encompassing mother nature that sustains everyone’s livelihoods.

Much like Russell, her partner is a teacher, a tracker, a hunter, and a hide tanner.

Albeit, she and her partner still consider themselves students of what they teach and preach.

Callie Russell kissing her partner goodbye [Photo: YouTube]

Callie Russell Introduced Her Partner

As a nomad living off the land, it is not a surprise that Russell is not big on social media and publicity. Still, since her induction into the reality TV world, she has been somewhat active on social platforms.

Sadly, her socials are more about the professional Russell than it is about the Montana girl’s life and family.

The only mention of her love life in public media came in 2020 when she introduced a man named Joshua as her sweetheart while shooting for the Alone series.

The promotional video featured a quick glimpse of the reality star’s rugged partner. Joshua was seen handing his sweetheart a traditional bow and a quiver full of arrows before the two leaned in for a kiss.

“I’m gonna miss my parents, my sister, and my sweetheart Joshua,” she said on the voiceover.

“It’ll be hard to leave him,” she admitted as she hugged her partner goodbye.

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Meet Joshua Lisbon

Thankfully, just a glimpse of Joshua on the clip was enough to identify him as Joshua Lisbon, the expert tracker, hunter, and hide tanner who shares a fascination for the mountain lions of Montana.

Joshua himself is no stranger to the camera. He is a content creator who goes by Montana Bushcraft on YouTube and Instagram.

On his media platforms, Russell’s beau shares videos of the marvelous Montana vistas featuring several bushcraft skills, hide tanning tutorials, and adorable cat videos.

Well, calling videos of mountain lions cute might be a stretch, but there are posts featuring adorable kittens too.

It appears that Joshua doesn’t enjoy the same mainstream recognition that Russell does, but he has been a part of an International Wildlife Film Festival-winning documentary on mountain lions.

A Couple That Works Together Stays Together

It appears that the couple has also teamed up as professionals to provide learning experiences to interested candidates back home in Montana.

Back in April 2022, Russell put up a post on her Facebook account calling out to all who were interested in learning hide tanning from Joshua at the beautiful Flathead River in Montana.

While it is evident that the relationship between Joshua and Russell is romantic, the couple has yet to put up signs of a wedding in the public eye.

Neither one of them has ever made a public statement about being husband and wife—not on camera or on social media.

Callie Russell’s Hard Earned Fame

Flathead Valley born and raised, Russell found her way to fame with History Channel’s Alone: The Arctic.

As the show’s name suggests, the participants were supposed to survive for 100 days in the Arctic and, should they succeed, take home a million dollars.

Russell was one of the eight men and two women stranded along the left arm of the Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada on June 11, 2020.

Furthermore, she was also one of the three contestants that managed to fight till the end.

As someone who has devoted her life to deepening her connection with the land that gave her sustenance, she had a very clear goal to appear on Alone. As she put it,

“The reason I’m doing this is because the opportunity to be able to have financial abundance and still be able to prioritize the things I love and I think are important would be a wonderful gift.”

She took the challenge of the Arctic in stride and considered it a rite of passage into the next phase of her life.