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Aliyah Ortega Is Shipped With Cole: Know The Truth

Suyasha Rupakheti


Aliyah Ortega’s boyfriend has become one of the major topics for discussion amongst netizens ever since she revealed in one of her TikTok videos that she likes someone.

Also, several TikTok fans are shipping her with a guy named Cole. From doing soulmate moon phases trend to addressing him as “bae,” Aliyah has been given subtle hints about their relationship.

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Are Cole and Aliyah a Thing?

In September 2022, Aliyah posted a TikTok video sharing some facts about herself. She revealed the details of her personal life, including her relationship.

Ortega revealed that she had been in only one relationship. She further added that although she was not seeing anyone at that moment, she did like someone.

Prior to that, Aliyah posted a video and mentioned that it was her “bae’s birthday.”

Later on, she posted a carousel of pictures from her camera roll.

The eighth picture was of her laughing, and she wrote in the photo, “Me when I see bae.”

On the 13th slide was a picture of a guy donning a Westminster college jersey and two basketballs. In the photo, she captioned, “Bae (getting) sturdy.”

Aliyah Ortega posted a photo of Cole Kadoguchi. (Photo: TikTok)

The guy is none other than Cole Kadoguchi. Likewise, in one of the TikTok lives, she smiled after she noticed he was watching it and stated that he was her favorite person.

Another instance when Aliyah subtly hinted about their relationship was when she participated in the soulmate moon phases trend.

She added her and Cole’s birthdate moons, and their moon phases almost made a complete moon.

Besides that, Aliyah’s fans have been making adorable edits of her and Cole. They look cute together.

Aliyah Ortega’s Boyfriend Is a Collegiate Basketball Player

Born on September 24, 2002, Aliyah Ortega’s boyfriend is one of the two children of Tala Kadoguchi and Grant Kadoguchi. He grew up in a supportive household with his brother, Brandon Kadoguchi.

Cole Kadoguchi is one of the two children of his parents. (Photo: Instagram)

Kadoguchi is a junior at Westminster College. Majoring in communication, the Honolulu, Hawaii native is a point guard for Westminster Griffins.

Ortega’s beau committed to Westminster in June 2020. He attended IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, and graduated the same month.

Cole played AAU basketball for the Florida Vipers. He also previously played for the Hawaii Raiders in his hometown.

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Aliyah Plans on Having A Family of Her Own

Aliyah is active on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, with 292.3K and 200K followers on each platform, respectively.

The TikToker often posts videos to share some never before known facts about her.

In one such video, she shared about someday wanting a family. She further added that she would want two or three kids when she grows older.

Furthermore, Ortega specified that she wants one of each gender. She hoped her first kid would be a boy, followed by a girl. She jokingly said that she wished her future son would play basketball.

As for now, Aliyah enjoys being an aunt to her nephews, Cash and DJ, and niece, Mya Jade.

Aliyah, an introvert growing up, has awed many and garnered a huge fanbase with her engaging content. The fans cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.