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Ruby Tandoh’s Wife, Leah Pritchard, Has Strange Anxieties Surrounding Abandonment

Prasiddha Gautam


Ruby Tandoh came out as gay with assistance from the Motown superstar Diana Ross. Then, after some time, news about her marriage with her wife, Leah Pritchard, flooded the internet.

The lovebirds have reached half a decade of their married life. Plus, Ruby’s partner had shared about her dark past, which affects her to this day.

Ruby’s Wife Suffers from Unreal Illusions

The dread surrounding abandonment is common in toddlers, but it can remain till adulthood if one has had a rough childhood. Leah was a very drawn-out child who had to experience a chaotic divorce between her parents.

Ruby Tandoh’s Wife suffers from anxiety, mostly surrounding abandonment. [Photo: Instagram]

The anxiety is so bad that Ruby’s partner experiences an unreal phenomenon that hasn’t occurred in real life.

According to Leah herself, when she is alone, she feels a lot of fears, such as imagining severed fingers in her food, someone under her bed, or even everyone that she knows is dead.

She has stated that such anxiety can be really difficult for someone they love to handle, and the soothing process also could take a mental strain as they have to prove their love time and again with extra effort.

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Ruby Tandoh Married a Musician

Ruby Tandoh initially met her better half through Tinder.

Previously, Leah Pritchard used to play guitar in Alimony Hustle, a musical duo with Matt Mndolo. Sadly, the duo broke apart in 2018 and thanked all the fans who had supported them for years.

Prior to that, Ruby and Leah announced the news of their engagement in 2017.

Then, the adorable couple tied the knot at a beautiful wedding event in Sheffield. The cute pair walked down the aisle on August 31, 2018.

At the event, Ruby wore a plain white gown and held white flowers in her hand, whereas Leah’s wedding dress was unique. She had worn a blue Navy Coat with a colorful shirt inside and a pair of brown colored leather shoes.

The lovers laughed and leaned toward each other, enjoying their lowkey wedding event with family and friends at a local cinema hall.

Ruby and Leah holding each other during the wedding [Photo- Instagram]

Ruby had also shared a picture where she and Leah passionately kissed each other.

Unfortunately, Leah has not updated anything about her career and what she is pursuing now. Further, the married pair had said that they were planning to adopt children in the future, but it’s unknown whether or not they opted for that decision.

All in all, the couple is living a discrete life away from the public’s eye as they both don’t have any social media accounts. Ruby had her Instagram account, but she deleted it a few days ago.

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Ruby’s Relationship Rumors with Paul Hollywood

Ruby was the runner-up of The Great Britain Bake Off 2013. During the show, the cook’s dish was praised several times by Paul Hollywood, who was the judge of that program.

Ruby Tandoh is now a food writer [Photo- Instagram]

While the show was running, the fans particularly pointed out her glare and the atmosphere between them when she was listening to the judge. Many even wondered if there was something between the two.

But that wasn’t the case. Ruby said that she didn’t fancy Paul Hollywood or that she would never [expletive] him to get ahead and ended her tweet saying, “Joke’s on you, You massive [expletive] misogynists.”

Further, the girl had also been involved in an argument with Paul Hollywood. After the baking show moved to BBC to channel 4 in 2016, she got into a public dispute and said that Paul lingered where the money was.

Overall, Ruby leads a blissful life with her wife and is now a food writer who has published various books related to food and food habits.