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David Bromstad’s Ex-Partner Had Filed a Law-Suit Against Him

Prasiddha Gautam


The HGTV star, David Bromstad, had a wonderful bond with his former partner, Jeffrey Glasko, in the beginning. Before their relationship began, the TV personality had a crush on him.

As time went on, their bond took a worse turn. Now, the former lovebirds have parted ways, taking their disputes to legal authorities.

David and His Ex-Partner Had A Soiled Break-Up

Well, the 50-year-old had dated his former partner for over a decade. David met Jeffrey on Valentine’s Day in 2004. As their relationship deepened, fans supported and cheered for them.

Everything was well until 2015, but after that, their relationship went downhill.

David when he was still together with his former partner. [Photo: Instagram]

Jeffrey, who is a former law enforcer, had filed lawsuits against David where he accused numerous allegations against him.

Initially, he claimed that David had broken the agreement when the pair were living together in the condo that they shared.

Jeffrey further added that his former beau had abandoned him empathetically and financially devastated.

The advocate referred to the case as one of the most scurrilous claims that he had ever reviewed and wiped them from the suit.

The former FBI wasn’t done yet and filed another suit. He noted even more obscene blame against him. He said that David was using the financial funds that were shared between them in order to buy illegal drugs and h*okers.

However, the TV host denied all the claims made by his ex-boyfriend, and the case was dismissed. The TV star’s lawyer, William V. Roppolo, addressed that the statements were made by a desperate person.

Additionally, the lawsuit ended in David’s favor, and sanctions were levied against Jeffrey for the charges and allegations.

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David’s Ex-Partner Is a Former FBI Officer

According to Tuko, Jeffrey Glasko was born on May 6, 1966, and is currently 57 years old.

Well, he is the guy who even managed to win the heart of the famous TV star David. The former law enforcer could do so probably with the boldness and skills that he acquired through his life experiences.

David Bromstad and Jeffrey’s relationship didn’t end well. [Photo: David’s Instagram and Jeffrey’s LinkedIn]

Talking about Jeffrey’s education, he graduated from Old Dominion University, majoring in Criminal Justice/Police Science. Later, he attended Roger Williams University, majoring in Criminal Justice and Corrections.

Jeffrey landed his first job as a law enforcer in the City of Woonsocket RI Police Department and served there for a decade.

Eventually, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the bold guy became a Special Federal Officer. He gained extensive experience in building safety and security while he worked there.

After that, Jeffrey became a Police Officer and Resource Officer in the City of Miami Police Department.

Well, as time went on, he got into a romantic relationship and also left his job as a law enforcer.

Then, he was employed as the project manager for David Bromstad LLC, and the CEO of the company was David himself. It is a brand that deals with Apparel, Accessories, and Retail.

Currently, the former manager is looking for new opportunities and has claimed that he has over two decades of experience in security, management, and operations for both private and government sectors.

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The HGTV Star’s Current Relationship Status

The famous host of HGTV, David, hasn’t talked about his relationship status since the day he broke up with his former boyfriend. After their split, he started to host the TV show My Lottery Dream Home, and the charismatic guy still enjoys his job to this day.

David felt mentally, emotionally, and spiritually content as he reached his 50th birthday. He went on an adventurous trip to Reinebrigen, Norway. The TV host chose this country because his ancestors were from there, and wanted to experience the air they breathed.

He involved himself in activities like hiking, kayaking, and communing during his time in Norway. David had posted some of the snaps of the beautiful lake and mountains, but the guy was seen alone in the pictures.

Well, David keeps his fans updated about his life events and TV shows, but he hasn’t opened up about the romantic status of his life.

Could it be he is single? Nowadays, David is more private, which might be the after-effects of the previous relationship with Jeffrey that ended with a tumultuous breakdown.