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South Korean Rapper Moonbyul Addressing Gay and Dating Rumors

Dinesh Shrestha


Moonbyul’s sexuality and love life have often hit the internet, with fans speculating and discussing these on several forums. Because of her secretive nature, she has not made any comments on it.

From being speculated to be a lesbian and dating one of the members of her group Mamamoo, the South Korean rapper has faced the rumor several times. So, what is the truth?

Moon Byul’s Song ‘Shutdown’ Started Gay Rumors

While the rumors of the South Korean rapper being a lesbian have been on the internet for some time, their source remains a mystery. But, netizens have time and again shed light on those rumors by presenting some evidence.

Similarly, netizens believed her song ‘Shutdown,’ released in 2022, had something to do with her sexuality. They alleged that she wrote a romance song between two women as the music video featured Moonbyul and Seori.

Since then, the fans began questioning her sexuality more. They even took the topic to Reddit and discussed it. Fans asserted that she had been a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ equality for a long time and was making sincere efforts to advance the cause inside Korean popular culture.

Furthermore, they said that the song was blatantly sexual in nature, but it was not a vulgar attempt at shock value. In reply, one lesbian user said, “This is probably what I loved the most about the song.”

Ultimately, the song has been gleefully accepted by LGBT fans both domestically and internationally. Even other people loved the song.

Moonbyul gay rumors [Photo: Quora]

One user explained the song as poetic, delicate, and beautiful with its imaginative lyrics and soothing vocals. Netizens added that Byul herself conveyed the lyrics as “erotic,” but even more importantly to the fans, they were very romantic. 

One user quipped, “Me hyping up a song about lesbian [Expletive] getting the wholesome award…we love to see it.”

The netizens claimed that Korea was a conservative country, and if she were a lesbian, she would probably never come out, while others said they shouldn’t assume her sexuality.

Rumored to Be Dating with One of Mamamoo’s Members, Solar

Like the rumors of Moonbyul’s sexuality, people have spread another rumor regarding her love life. It has been speculated that the singer is dating a member of her girl group, Mamamoo, and that person is none other than Solar.

When Moonbyul and Solar, who got off on the wrong foot initially, became close, they started going on holidays together. The duo also went to Vietnam to spend time with each other.

Their closeness and bonding made fans suspicious, given that Moonbyul was rumored to be lesbian. Even more, Solar once jokingly called Moonyul her boyfriend during one of their live broadcasts.

Even one of the Instagram users wrote, “Oh!! RBW confirmed that Moonbyul and Solar are dating,” in 2020. One user penned, “They are in one group, right? I like moonbyul.” While another user said, “Ok but would be surprised?”

One netizen replied to the comment and claimed they thought no one would be surprised because they were married. Out of Instagram, netizens took the topic on Reddit and discussed it. The user had joined Moonbyul and Solar’s chats in Bubble.

Moonbyul [Photo: Instagram]

They were confused with the translation of their chat. Some people believed that she was playing a joke with them. Albeit, the couple seemed to be good friends as they recently shared their pictures.

Other than that, one Twitter user recently shared that Moon Byul Yi married Kim Yong Sun (real name of Solar), which made them the richest couple alive. However, nothing has been confirmed, as neither has spoken about it.

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Moonbyul and Solar Didn’t Have a Good First Impression

As mentioned earlier, the alleged couple didn’t have a good impression of each other in their first meeting. Solar explained that MoonByul acted very passively toward her, making her think she wasn’t one she should be friends with.

Solar first met with Moonbyul during a radio interview with Jungyeop’s Power Stage LIVE. The management had told them to bring heels, but Moonbyul failed to bring them.

So, someone in the room asked if someone could lend her an extra pair of heels. Solar insisted that the Moonbyul could borrow her spare heels.

Moonbyul and Solar [Photo: Instagram]

But she was surprised when Moonbyul failed to return it. Solar shared her story when the group appeared at a live telecast show, Life Bar.

She recalled Moonbyul telling people, “That person lent the heels to me,” referring to her. The South Korean rapper didn’t even thank her, leaving the heels and scene impolitely. Solar said,

“She is younger than me and it was just our first meeting. But when she saw me, she was pointing at me and started using informal language.”

Solar was upset at Moobyul for disrespecting her like that. But Moonbyul admitted in the next meeting to Solar that she believed she was younger than her, and then Solar’s anger disappeared.

Moonbyul also shared the same experience. She remembered it happening on the same day Solar had lent her a pair of heels.

A staff member told them to project into the camera and act like they were really good friends. Then suddenly, Solar hugged her from the back.

At the moment, Moonbyul thought, “What is she doing?” Their first impression wasn’t good, but they became good friends later.

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Moonbyul Is More Interested in Her Career

In November 2022, the girl group Mamamoo made a guest appearance on an episode of SBS’ television show Four Men, where they got candid about their love life. The show host asked what it meant that all four learned how to date through textbooks.

Each of them replied simultaneously, and when Moonbyul’s turn came, she revealed that her last relationship was when she was 20, even before she made her debut. The singer has been more interested in her career than romance. So, she has just worked and worked.

Moonbyul added that she did not get that lonely easily as she had her fellow group members and many friends.

After that, when asked who would be the first to get married and why, they picked Byul. She agreed to it and said when she got into one thing, she tended to become obsessed with it. So, just like that, when she fell into one person, she would probably marry him straight away.