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Kim Dracula’s Gender Identity And Rumored Girlfriend

Himal Ale Magar


Professionally known as Kim Dracula, their real name is Samuel Wellings. Bursting into the scene of Australian alternative/indie music, their gender identity has been a topic of discussion among Dracula’s fans.

The musical artist also became a prominent figure on platforms like Tiktok. They were the fourth-most followed Australian TikTok musical artists of the years, behind artists like Sia, Iggy Azalea, and Mia Rodriguez.

Kim Dracula | Gender Ambiguity

Since their popularity rise in the musical scene and social media, there have been numerous speculations regarding the star’s gender identity and if Kim Dracula was gay.

Front View Magazine has claimed that Australian musical artists preferred gender pronouns they/them.

In the year 2020, Dracula emerged as a TikTok sensation and left their mark on the scene with a defiant swagger, flamboyant attitude, and outrageous image.

Kim Dracula [Photo: Instagram]

The musician’s cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ went viral on the respective social media platform. Dracula’s success launched them to the heights of another musician from Australia,

Besides, Dracula’s triumph was not limited to just TikTok, as the musician made their way to Youtube and Spotify.

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Kim Draucla’s Gender Pronouns and How Their Fans Reacted

Dracula’s fans on social media had always speculated about their gender identity. Eventually, this led several of their fans to share their opinions and reaction to social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

In one such instance, one of Dracula’s fans on Twitter posted, “I want Kim Dracula’s gender.” Similarly, regarding the subject, a Reddit user noted, “As a bi guy I’m in love with Kim Dracula.”

As a response, another user replied, “He actually was amab and identifies as male.[sic]” However, the musician artists have not backed or supported this speculation publically.

As of this writing, Kim Dracula’s preferred pronouns are gender pronouns they/them. It’s up to Kim Dracula themselves to make any further remarks on their sexual orientation and identity.

Kim Dracula’s Supposed Girlfriend

Apart from their gender identity and sexual orientation, their relationship and love life have also been a topic of discussion among their fans.

Regarding the subject matter, fans have shared their opinions on a video posted on TikTok by Dracula, In the respective clip, Dracula can be seen with a girl lipsyncing to the song Kimdrac version of ‘I Kissed A Girl’ by Katy Perry.

Besides, the caption of the video, “I hope my bf don’t mind it,” might have also created confusion among the fans.

However, the caption was nothing more than a part of the respective song itself. Regardless, their fans were still curious about the relationship between the girl and Dracula.

Concerning the topic, a fan wrote that the girl could be their girlfriend. Similarly, another user also noted that she was their girlfriend.

However, the musician has not commented on their relationship with the girl as of this writing. So, it is unclear if Dracula is dating the girl or if they are just good friends.

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The Girl Kim Dracula Featured in Their Video Is a Boxer

Since their rise to fame, collaboration has always been Dracula’s means to broaden their audience. So, it was no surprise it branched out and expanded their reach in social media.

During the process, they collaborated with 6ar6ie6 or also known as BARBIE THREE SIX. Similar to Dracula themselves, Barbie is a content creator on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

6ar6ie6 [Photo: Instagram]

She has accumulated over 2.9 million followers on TikTok and 641k followers on Instagram as of this writing. Besides, apart from content creation, Barbie is also actively engaged in boxing.