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Ronnie Woo Is Openly Gay and Happily Married

Himal Ale Magar


A married man, Ronnie Woo seldom shares pictures of his partner on social media. Nonetheless, the TV personality has not hesitated to express love and affection for him over the years.

Despite his charismatic personality and charming nature, the gay celebrity chef, Ronnie, is a private person.

Together for More than a Decade

As of this writing, Ronnie and his husband, Doug MacBean, have been in a relationship for fifteen years. Their romance started from a simple dinner to what it is now through their love of food.

As per Ronnie, at their first encounter, the talented chef was walking down the street when his partner appreciated how he looked.

And five years later, after the fateful meeting, the couple decided to get married. However, the wedding ceremony was held privately, and not many pictures have been circulating on social media.

Nonetheless, one of the attendees shared a picture of their wedding in September 2013.

Ronnie And Doug At Their Wedding [Photo: Instagram]

Besides, regardless of their private preferences, the married couple doesn’t hesitate to share their love for one another.

For instance, the two celebrated their 15th Valentine’s Day in February 2023. Ronnie shared the joyful moment on his Facebook account.

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Their Relationship Is Nurtured by the Power of Cooking

Since the two started dating, the celebrity chef has cooked for Doug almost daily. Ronnie humorously stated that it was his way of caring for his partner and making him dependent so he would not leave him.

However, the first meal he cooked for Doug did not come out as planned. The handsome cook added a specific combination of spices and herbs to amplify the flavor.

But, instead of making the food taste better, it tasted hideously disgusting, and both spat it out and laughed it off.

Doug Is The Chef Ronnie Woo’s Source Of Inspiration [Photo: Facebook]

Regarding their relationship, the TV personality added that there were essential factors that influenced the longevity of their relationship.

Further, being a good listener and having a dynamic chemistry strengthened the couple’s relationship.

His Husband Inspired Him

Well, Doug has been an inspiration behind Ronnie’s pursuit of cooking. Ronnie always loved food, but his perspective on following a career path was narrow.

The TV personality graduated with a degree in psychology, among other degrees, and pursued a career in modeling. But it was not until he made Doug that Ronnie was encouraged to do what he loved and what made him happy.

Furthermore, with the combination of academic exhaustion from completing two master’s degrees and having to pay rent, the chef started his company, Delicious Cook.

Besides, his educational background helped him in his business as well. For instance, his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy guided him to deal with clients and people.

Alongside that, Ronnie’s MBA helped him run his business operation, which is comprised of people with backgrounds in hospitality and other sectors.

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Doug Works as a Senior Managing Directing

The celebrity chef’s husband graduated from Harvard University in 1999. Further, Doug received his Master of Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

He started his career as an Equity researcher in 1999 at Robertson Stephens and later moved to Jefferies & Companies in the same post in 2002.

Doug has been operating as a Senior Managing Director at Caltech for 9 years since 2014. Besides, before joining Caltech. Doug worked as an Associate Director of Investments in Nazarian Enterprises.

All in all, Ronnie’s husband has been acting as a pillar of support and actively working behind the scenes for years.

For instance, the managing director shared the news of his partner’s show Food to Get You Laid among his friends and family.

He added that it was an informative and fun show and requested to share the news with others.

Plus, he recently shared the release of Ronnie’s cookbook Did You Eat Yet? on his LinkedIn account.